High tier props

playing 6.7 props, it has been the 3rd match in a row whereby my team has died by the time i reach 4k because they all charge in direct at low alt and die.
I return to base and j out rather than do a 1v6.

I just cant keep doing this guys, it is mentally draining.
Dont these people want to play or do they just want to takeoff, point nose at enemy and shoot? it’s like they dont even want to fly, just enagage with a jihadist suicide bomber mentality.

what is the point of unlocking better aircraft if your gonna do the same stuff newer players do at 2.3?

if your in a 6.7 at low alt in a high alt aircraft, i will take a 4.3 yak and eat you.

I dont understand the principle of unlocking a massive engine power beast and using it like a 3.0.
Its like literally no-one has any intention of winning or using their aircraft as per its requirements, moreso charge in like a nutter, headon and dogfight what you chose to fly dfirectly into and then die. try again expect diff results.

Just stay at 2.3.


Comically short attention span and its consequences


TA-152? - immediately dive on the first enemy you see at ground level and die.
Griffon spit? - stay low alt headon the first enemy you come across.
P51-H - fly low and turnfight a yak and die.
KI-84 - stay low lose dogfight against low alt fighter.

Vehicle strengths? - throw it all away as soon as possible and engage in neanderthal method.

worst thing is, people dont even care.
where do these people get their “good matches” from?
Because i cant see it anywhere.

That is probably how they enjoy the game. Just enjoying the fact they can get cool planes and shoot down other cool planes without caring about K/D, win rate, or efficiency. People are allowed to enjoy the game differently than you think they should.


a 2 minute lifespan with no kills, charging headon with their high alt prop at ground level and getting eaten, sounds hella fun.
Nothing to do with k/d.
If your not doing everything you possible can to get yourself killed as quickly as humanly possible without achieving anything then your the odd one out these days.
No joke - reach 4k and look around, everyone dead, look at leaderboard, 2 kills from 9 players, 14 enemy remaining.
All they literally do is takeoff and fly in a straight line until they die… these guys dont even get the opportunity to fight or even fly their aircraft, didnt manage to dive on anyone, didnt manage to evade anyone, didnt manage to even turn, fly straight line, fire guns die, at least SOME effort would give them some enjoyment and the opportunity to actually fly and enjoy their aircraft.



So I can one death leave and spawn camp if I enjoy that?


Dont get me wrong its not always this bad, there are usually a few climbing or prioritising dangerous enemy fighters and help out etc but its becoming increasingly less often.
Just a bit more variety of strategy/methods on teams would be great.
Bit like lemming trains on tanks, sometimes its needed but a nice spread is also good at times.
It would benefit everyone and improve the quality of matches in general and more enjoyable.

I guess i should just accept this is how it is now but it gets frustrating when it happens a few matches in a row.

Yea, neither are against the rules and both are choices available to the player. If you aren’t having fun after your first death, leave to find another game. If you want to attack the enemy in their spawn and they allow you to make it there and stay in that area to do so then good for you. Neither are against the rules.

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Again, this comes down to what YOU expect people should to do have fun and not how some players actually have fun. While I agree that learning aircraft strong suits and appropriate tactics to use them effectively is fun for ME, I can imagine quite a few players aren’t interested in learning all of that and just want to blow off some steam. Kind of like using MEC, it can help you in quite a few situations, but requires a fair bit of knowledge to use effectively beyond what AEC does for you. If they just want to headon other players and get an low effort kill (attempt) and probably have their game end there, that is their choice and if it works for them then the game is fulfilling its purpose.

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I think it’s a combination of the desire to grind up the tree, plus the various daily tasks, battle pass tasks, etc encourage this behavior. Why play a match for 15 to 20 minutes when you can do 4 matches in the same time and get possibly 4 times the number of kills/etc

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In terms of RP gain, playing one long game with decent performance is better than multiple games with the same performance because time played rewards are like 60-70 percent of total rewards.

In terms of accomplishing tasks, short games are usually better to me because for stuff like destroying bases or intercepting strikers/bombers once they are gone it is a waste of time to stay in that game. Especially in props for me because I am past where RP matters for them in the nations I still use them in so research matters none for them.

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Lmao I will screenshot this

Why would you screenshot it?

i must be absolutely blind then because all i see is charging headon and dying every single match and they achieve 1 kill.
10 years playing this game, i must be utterly blind to these people hopping in and out raking in 4 kills a game etc.
I gotta try this.
I could genuinely swear that 90% of team goes low alt charge and die every single game i play. i must be on drugs.
I thought it was me with the kills lol, obviously not.

I wasn’t meaning they’re getting 4 kills a game by doing the low alt head on charge, but that in 20 minutes they may have 4 games where they can get 1 or 2 kills from berserker charging. So could be 4 to 8 kills in the 20 minutes. Plus have completed tasks or added to challenges.

Compared to a single 15 to 20 match where you end up with 1 or 2 kills… (maybe 0… maybe more), and survive because you’re playing smarter… but after 20 minutes only have those 1 or 2 kills and only that one game to contribute towards tasks and challenges.

They may die on 135 points and nothing, but then they’re back in another game in a short time to try again.

The idea I was trying to say (without the example numbers above) is that more matches in the same time frame as one single game will contribute more towards tasks/challenges.
(Something I don’t like btw, and don’t do – I prefer a fun and challenging game rather than focusing of progression)

I’m glad to see this thread since I was thinking of making one similar. Me and my friends have noticed the same problem, it’s made the game quite boring in most matches. I’m tired right now so I’m not gonna go into details about my thoughts yet, but I do have something I want to say.

I think you should not fly back to your base and J out when your team suicides in like that. The scenario where all of your teammates die, but drag the enemy team to low alt is my dream scenario. It’s a golden opportunity for some very high kill games if you play your cards right. You have a massive energy advantage and a target rich environment, with nobody around to steal your kills. Just take the risk and try to solo carry, repair costs are not bad anymore so you have little to lose. The potential reward is more than worth it.

I missed an opportunity for an 11 kill game like that in the Spitfire Mk 24 a while back, I got full downtiered and all of my teammates died while like 8 enemies were still alive, but unfortunately 2 of the enemies crashed their planes on the other side of the map and I only got 7 kills, and I accidentally rammed the last enemy fighter. It was still very exciting. Before that I did manage to win a match in the late Typhoon, starting from a 1v7 and winning with 8 kills.

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Solution? Just make airspawn in RB for everyone.

Simple as that. No more wasting 5-6 min per battle for brain draining climb

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