High ping players and server/net code quality

I think Gajin should add limit for ping and also connection quality. Since they closed the chines servers, we can see lot of this players on EU or US servers, problem is they have high ping, together with poor servers quality and even worse netcode of this game it is nonsense to allow them playing on servers where ping is above 130. This players are laging, it is hard to hit them, specialy with cannons, or machine guns on SPAA, Tanks when they are in CAS or helicopter. And if they know about it and use it in tanks, mostly Russian and rush, it is even more stupid, becouse their motion do not allows to hit the weakspot reliably. Gajin knows about this, thez response was, they want every player to play when ever he wants, what is nice but also showing they do not care about the game experience for any other player.
Gajin should either fix the servers, return asian players on asian server, or upgread the netcode of the game, and increase the tickrate. Even Gajin should know it is 21th century and using 20 years old code is just nonsense. BTW anybody knows value of the tickrate right now? To me it looks like 30 - 40 max.

I have seen many copes from russian bias up to premium players having different armor values but ping is definitelly new one.

Do you realize that because of their bad connection, you are also lagging in their pov?

With that ping limit you’re basically saying a large number of people in the southern hemisphere can’t play Warthunder at all… Brasil and a lot of South America, New Zealand, Australia… South Africa (and nearby countries)…


Sure they can, but on server which is closer to their location. Ping From Brasil to USA is not that high as from Brasil to Europe or Russia. Or as I said, Gajin can improve netcode and pay for server services. But there is no fun to allways check frist if the player is Chines or Brasil, to know how where to aim. I basicaly see my bullets penetrating the skin, not hiting the hitboxes becouse the player is not on that position.

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And do you realize I am talking about this laging issue and not about players at all? Like what do you want to say, i should by happy I am laging to them, or that it is even? And what this act changes on my point that lags in MMO game are worst experience for everybody? BTW: Moving target benefits from high ping more than small ping which is not moving or moving very slow.

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There is no server that is closer… they are all far away in the northern hemisphere… many players – those that were never on the China version – can’t play less than 150-200ms ping time… And that is to the closest server.

So saying don’t allow anyone to play that has a ping above 130 will effectively block a lot of southern hemisphere players


Then pick the option to increase tickrate.

How would a better tickrate fix the problem of lag?

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I play from South Africa and my ping is around 200 every game. It’s perfectly fine for me.

With how WT’s net code works, a slow connection from one player doesn’t lag the rest of the lobby so Gaijin has no reason to do anything about it.


I was reacting to this.

If they have bad connection, it goes both ways…

the lag, or feeling of lag is becouse of the latency, I do not mean PL, just the latency issue. To fix the problems with latency, you can increase server tickrate. As server works faster, it sends and recieves information faster. Basicaly it is something like increasing FPS.

only if both are moving, if one is standing still and other one is moving, the player who is moving has uper hand in this.

That’s not how server works. One player with a high ping cannot lag the entire server.
It’s just gaijin’s servers aren’t powerful enough for the amount of players.

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We can’t do anything here. It’s all upto gaijin to improve their servers.

True. I get about 230-260 ms ping from Bangladesh.

And that is not what I am saying. I am saying that the one player is laging not that all 32 players. Maybe I wrote something wrong, but I am talking about laging players, not laging servers.
And how to fix it.

Get a better internet connection then. Gaijin’s servers are pretty good for international players already.

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If a player is lagging then that’s his issue. It wont affect you. If a enemy is lagging then he already has a disadvantage and if your teammate is lagging then your team has disadvantage. There’s nothing we can do here. It’s all upto gaijin to provide us better servers.
Most ISPs throughout the world provide low latency connection. I get about 60 to 70 ms ping on wifi but due to bad servers of gaijin my ping always stays around 160-300ms(300+ on SA server).

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Nope if player is laging, or glitching becouse of his connection it definitely affects me. I do not see his reall position and I am shoting on ghost, becouse all the damage calculations are done on the server not on the client. In ARB you can clearly see when player has high ping or lags, when he is doing defensive manouvers, and randomly pressing buttons. On my screen it looks like he is jumping, very hard to aim on such target with cannons.
And this is taking us back, either Gajin should improve their servers and netcode, or limit the pings, and buy new servers in other parts of the world also. In my opinion fixing the servers and netcode is the best choice.

I am from Europe, playing on EU servers, my ping is 30. My Internet speed is 600/100Mb, optic.
I am not the only player who has noticed this, it all began when Chines server has gone. It is never problem with European or US player, this weird things occur only on players from very far, like South America, China, Australia, Japan.
And it is only WT where I have noticed this problem, and not for the first time.