High ping players and server/net code quality

Yes damage calculation is done in the server side but you cannot see someone’s fake position just because he has high ping. If a player has high ping then it will only affect on his client. The server will always show his real position unless server itself is experiencing high ping. If you are having ghost shell then there is high possibility that it’s a problem on your side. I would recommend you to do some ping/packet loss test.

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If a enemy looks like as if he is jumping that means you are having high ping.

not sure about this, I was looking at my ping at that moment and no, and as I said my Ping is normaly 25 - 35. And this jumping enemies are allways asian players. Server can not show his reall position if server does not recieves information from players client. Players client sends info to server, server calculates it, makes the animation and send new positions to other clients. This hapends in circles, but not every client is sending the info to the server at same time. Info from certain clients does not reach the server at the tick. I know this from other games, FPS games, WT is not my first and I also know how those studios have fixed this. That is why I am talking about incresing of server tickrates.

Sorry I should have clarified my statement. Both Ping and packet loss can cause the issues you have mentioned. Even when you have ideal ping you can face this issue because of high packet loss(Server side). Due to the increased amount of players Gaijin’s servers are surely struggling to handle this huge amount of data.
I have seen players in many games blaming asian players for ruining their servers. Often racist people use this logic as a way to discriminate certain people. I’m not saying you are doing the same.

If a server cannot get the real position of a player then it wont show the player’s real time movement, there will be some delay and odd movement(Caused by the players delayed input). But the player wont jump/fly across the screen. It doesn’t affect his collision or hitbox.

Also the player who is facing this issue will often see his and nearby tanks flying or doing weird movements. But that will happen only on his client. Others will see him as stationary or moving in random direction.

@skipSVK How’s the game this week? Any improvement?

I was not here last days, but there is no big improvement at all. New patch, so new bugs, you know how it is with Gajin, they fix 5 things and mess up another 10. Again new sounds, so we have sound loading bugs , like always when they add new sounds. Nobody in Gajin is able to test the patch before release.
I do not have big hopes in this, Gajin is not exactly company which takes care about their product, they only listen to money, so everything they adding is with intention to earn more and more, not to make the product better, or higher quality.

My connection to the South Asia server works great, even on my landlord’s trash internet (which sometimes drops)

I have noticed some bugs recently, like the enemy marker not disappearing, and also when I apply backups in the hanger it doesn’t show the number of backups immediately, but it will generally refresh after other actions in the hanger.

What we need is ping based match making instead of ping limits, so players with similar ping play against player with similar ping, very simple.

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that would require servers in countries where it’s just not profitable enough for them to run.

game is unplayable for all slovenia and croatia, shit

No it does not, it will just look from servers available with the lowest ping for them to play.

That does not change the fact that East/South Asian servers are needed anyway.

Currently the latency+ping is not good, cause the servers are crowed causing delay + the high ping. Situations where the shot was at your right foot but hitting your left ear are more common. But also getting shot (tanks) behind full cover like a SOLID building. I reversed a sec a go 6 meters, but still the server decides that the shot lands where I was and not where I really am. So flying is also horrible, giving lead is not always the same, so when the server is buggy its all over the place +400 meters. Somes time you look no tank, and boom. Thought I was going loco, started recording and there where incidents where there was nothing. But in the end its free to play, so the best efford is pretty good of Gaijin. But give a me good paid server with the pings of the other clients in menu, and Ill be on board.

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Gaijins revenue is 26 milions dolars, according to some hungarian sources it was 121 milion euros in 2022 and only 42 employes registered. So even if they camouflage behind free to play, what is just a PR for every FTP game on the market they should have enaugh money to pay for good servers arround the world.
If I as a person want to rent a server with 64 slot for players it will cost me arround 70 euros per month. So let us do some math, average online is 150 000 that is 4688 sesions with 32 players in each, now let us say their game server cost is 40 euros per month. They need 187 500 euros for the servers each month. But let us say it is 220 000, it is still only 2 640 000 per year. If they pay 80 for the server, it is still 5 280 000, but I am sure they do not, not when the quality is such shit, it looks more like 10,50/pm.

But you know what is my point. It feels like we are just a cows for Gaijin.

ping & latency these are things GJ cannot influence as some of you think

a ping means it starts on your machine hops to your router from there to some routers and backbones from different ISP’s to finally the server hoster from GJ
(as far you can resolve it’s for europe an AWS Server center, AWS = Amazon Web Service)
so GJ is NOT the network provider NOR the hoster of the gaming server, just to be clear!

if the route from you home router to the gaming server is slow/problematic, GJ can do less than zero.
what you can do is restarting your router and hope that the routing which was memorized in it will be overridden with newer better routing, if not contact your ISP which is not GJ

on the gaming server side hosting GJ can ask for more premium service which costs more money which costs us more money…

just one small thing that comes always prior a new update ist that what you’Re complaining about
it seems that GJ ist working on these servers providing you in the near future with the dev server,
providing you with the new update, prefixes for the next update etc…

and NO i’m NOT defending GJ, I’m just writing how it works in the internet and on the servers

well if you are connecting from Peking to Hannover, router restart will not help you with your ping. This is what we are talking about here. Not about connection issues, but about how terible result it has when Gaijin allows high ping players to play on their low cost servers arround the world.
If the server is good enaugh, the tickrate can help with the ping issues, because the whole connection is faster what means data transfer.
My connection to the server can be great, with 30 ping I am getting the info fast, but if there is player with ping 250 , his data are geting on the server with great delay, so server has nothing to send to me. And when he sends something it may be outdated, and this is the problem of high ping players, and gaijin problem is he does not want to solve it for some reason. What I understand Gaijin does not care about gaming experience of the player what means quality but only the connection time is what they are looking for. So quantity over quality, the old east economy theorem.

could name me out of interest which other online games have already enabled this feature, just out of curiosity and personal interest

furthermore how should this be programmed?
check on join, check during the match?
and what if it is detected that a player has a bad connection during the game? should he be kicked or what?
such an idea would kill the playerbase for sure, since no connection due to time/usage in your area or on other isps is always stable and has always the same ping or latency (just something from the MCSE exam)

adding another server like in southern europe or south africa or south america will raise maintenance costs and will add more time for GJ personal for maintenance, just saying
on the other hand you can argue if there’s a server people will come and play, but how many and how much will they spend
e.g. south african server will gather ~5000 people a day, european server will have ~25000, so now do the maths if the costs for server are identical…
the argument about a cheaper hoster is only valid if this hoster is with no additional fees able to work with the current hosters in the rest of the world, and if this hoster is stable and fast enough

please understand that i’m with you that there is a problem with the connectivity of some countries to the gaming servers,
but yelling ‘GJ invest more from our money we want to play WT/enlisted/…’ seems not to bring any hope of better connectivity to the countries with bad ISP’s

Even now if your connection starts to be unstable you will be kicked out of the server, the game gives you few seconds , and if theconnection does not fix, adios. try another match.

Do you know asian players had their own server in the past?, And Europeans also had their own, etc and it has worked like this for 10 years.

So they have a lot of options, again open asian server, limit ping on servers, or increase the tickrate. And no it is not our money, it is gaijins money, they have to invest into their game what is earning the money for them. What I understand , economy is not the best part of Russian education or even Russian mentality. They have a long history of not understanding the economy. But they can hire some guy who knows how it works, how satbele business is build, and how oportunities are used.
Saving money on servers or game code is not the best way, it may work in their eyes, but they are losing a lot of money.

South Africa has a ping of around 150 it goes higher sometimes and its difficult to be competive but it isnt impossible and my bad ping hasnt saved my life it buggers me around really wish the we had a server