High Caliber HE/HESH rework?

Obviously overtime they’ve been adding more artillery pieces - especially with this new premium. And these vehicles never see their full potential first off because there is no map big enough for them to fire as artillery. (unless youre in a small howitzer style like the AVRE)

But mainly - I’ve been seeing poor performance from high caliber HE/HESH shells.

I play the AVRE pretty regularly and for the most part its somewhat consistent but, sometimes you slam someone in the side of the turret with a 165mm hesh and barely anything happens. I hit a BTR side on the other day and it did nothing.
Like - if you get hit with this round you should NOT EXIST.

Same even goes for the Crap Barn - I hit a jagtiger in his upper from plate from range with a 183mm HESH and maybe at most it killed his driver.

Now it terms of HE it’s far worse, I try to play the G6 a lot and HE is just waaaay too inconsistent. If I slam you in the face with a 155mm HE its going to ruin your day.

You can even go look up some US army tests where they even landed shells near tanks and it was pretty devastating.

I know low caliber shells got reworked but I feel like high caliber needs a rework too.


Even just the HESH on the 120mm I think need some buffs/changes. Basically pointless at the moment

Probably - the only HE thrower Im looking forward too is the Bkan 1C. It can get away with HE because its only 6.7 and it can just rapid fire them.

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So just to prove my point here is a 155mm shell proxy fuze detonating over the top of an AMX light tank.

They took no damage.

Jagtiger getting slammed in the side with 155 HE and nothing.