High BR is getting worse!

Hi all,

i have been now playing for quite a long time. And i realized the top/ the whole Rang VII is getting even worse. I am very sorry but the main issue IS STILL with russian tanks. Let me give some examples:

  • The T80 series are so bouncy from the side
  • The BVM side’s armour is able to take a full 600mm shot, while the side armor from the Abrams or the ITA does not, only against a HEAT round
  • 8 of 10 shots kill you instantly or take out gun ==> Newst issue: To80UK hit Leo 2A6 in the back, back gun was destroyed.
  • They are nearly as fast as Type10 or a CV90120
    and so on and so on…

If I now take into consideration that they are getting the T90A, the KAs are getting even tougher … well … the high BR is on its best way to die.

You don’t believe me? Look onto my profile and you will see how many battles i have already fought. I am very sad that the game developers are doing nothing against it. I wrote many bug tickets with screenshots but without any success.

Any other experience to that ???
Happy to discuss

Just wait for the spall liners tomorrow when the patch drops and 120mm APFSDS cleaving through an entire MBT will just make the loader’s foot yellow. BTW only UK, Germany, USSR, and Sweden are getting it so have fun watching top tier degenerate into World of Tanks.

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