Hidden AH-6M Change?

Has anyone else noticed a change to the AH-6M’s optics?

When it was first release I distinctly remember a very high zoom ratio of 3.0x-126x.
When playing today I noticed that the zoom was drastically reduced to 10x-19x
I scoured the changelogs and updates looking for any mention of this and I found nothing, is this perhaps a bug?
see images below:
In Game Currently

Video posted on the War Thunder Wiki as of 3 Months ago:

It’s not a bug, there was recently a pass on helicopter optics to bring them in line with their real world values. Mi-24 was changed to 10x and the Lynx was changed to 12x as well.

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Yeah and today with 2x 19 hydra rockets + 2x gatling 7mm after i go close to the town and slow down for be in stationnary, my Helicopter wasn’t able to climb higher than 5 metres!!! 5/7Metres!! I’m not a bad players like a see everybody always with 100% collectiv throttle, by lower to 60 and push to any value, impossoble to climb and must stay to the ground until i die…thx Gaijin! If it was a soviet, sure this never happened! Never see Soviet vehicule hhave a major bug in mor than 10 years!

And maybe once a day Gaijin can a true a working IRCM on US Helicopter, because, like always, only Soviet heli IRCM work! ANd maybe balance the game with correct BR for soviet Heli and tank too

This Heli doesn’t have İRCM