Hey guis move the f-14a to 11.0

The F-14A only has radar missiles, terrible phoenixes and 18G REAR ASPECT missiles AND Its placement at 11.7 does not do enough to encourage PLAYING. It should be lowered to 11.0 so players are further incentivized to only play the U.S TECH TREE, and i feel like it belongs at 11.0!/s

Its better than most of the 11.3 Phantoms. Min is 11.3


Bro I can’t…
the title… the reasoning… my lord…

It’s fine at 11.7

Maybe it could use 9Ls instead of 9H but the Phoenixes are getting buffed so we’ll see how it goes

f-14a is decent at 11.7. The aim7s work well and the aim54s still somehow get kills. The aim9h is not what it once was and it is not very good. I usually go with 2-aim9h, 2-aim7, and 4-aim54. It has been doing well so far.


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helo gees pls move 2S38 to 9.0 its worse than abroomz


It can stomp in a downtier but it’s true that rear-aspect 18G IR missiles are utter dogshit at 12.7.
While the aim-7F/M is a decent sarh missile, the fact that top tier meta is doing lawn-mowing while supersonic means that your fox-1 missiles will often be dead weight. In that case, the aim-9H just doesn’t cut it. No head-on capability and extremely easy to flare leaves you at a significant disadvantage.

Even the F-14B has the same problem with the aim-9L who has to compete with jets that have IRCCM missiles. I’d rather have the B at 12.7 with the aim-9M.

Unless of course Gaijin finally un-nerf the Phoenix once the aim-120/R-77 are added.


Move R73s to the MIG-23ML. Then give the Mirage 2000C S4/5 a fictional 4x Magic 2 at BR 11.0(real)

amazing how this thing is same br as new russian cas jet

Thats when i realised it was a troll

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