Hey cas and ground players here me out

i think cas should be higher sp i am a huge cas player but i like to think as more then 1 player from differnt areas if we movbe cas sp to like 100 more besides like bombers like b57 or somth it should be fare bec i can get 1 assist and then be able to drop a whole bunch of bombs ruining enimy position and also spaa spam hurts both teams ghameplay and the reason is because cas is so cheap it cuases some people to spawn spaa

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That’s correct, but why don’t we increase SPAA’s sp?Imagine you are in an F-16A and facing 3 Pantsir.

It is important to say for what BRs your suggestions are for as low tier and top tier are 2 different games

SP cost increase comes with multiple issues. Similar to how the SP cost of the nuke exists so that only the best players get to use it, the SP cost of planes will, with enough SP cost increases, work the same way. Maybe you personally think that only the best of the best should be allowed to spawn CAS, but that’s not the sentiment I see many players expressing and I don’t think that’s what you want either but I could be wrong. With less people spawning planes, you also see less pressure on the remaining CAS planes in the air, meaning SPAA will have to take greater responsibility for the team’s air defense. You might argue to have fighters be exempt from the price hike, but many fighters can still do good ground attack even with just guns at many BR’s. The fact remains that instead of getting your desired outcome of less overall CAS, you simply reserve CAS for the people who are probably already getting the most points, enjoying the game the most, and are already likely to be the most invested players, while antagonizing the ones who are struggling.

I think I want to put it to a thread of my own soon, but to target the issues people are having most effectively while still letting as many people as possible have fun, I recommend the following:

  • Increase the SP cost of bombs exceeding 1000kg in explosive mass at all BR’s dramatically. These are the lowest skill CAS options in the game with, typically, the least counterplay. If they work like a nuke they should cost something approaching a nuke.

  • Give all SPAA spotting, including aerial spotting, and increase SP gain for air kills. SPAA is already spawned in large numbers when a team starts to lose and run out of SP/tanks. Rather than fight it, double down and reinforce SPAA’s dual role as air security and as a catch-up mechanic for players falling behind. This also makes SPAA the best way to save up for a CAS plane of your own, putting CAS players against each-other for air dominance and encouraging them to respawn and continue to the air fight.

  • Remove the SP discount for spawning a plane that has a much lower BR than the current map’s matchmaking if the plane has any payload options. This will penalize suicide bombing with ju88’s and other SP-cheap CAS options to force players to spawn planes with a more honest intention to play the game.

I think this will go a long way in alleviating the most irritating problems people are dealing with while still giving everyone a chance to continue to play the way they want to.


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That’s correct, but why don’t we increase SPAA’s sp?Imagine you are in an F-16A and facing 3 Pantsir.

Imagine you’re in [literally any vehicle] and encounter [3 of your exact counter nemesis vehicles]. Substitute in “An M5A1 stuart, and 3 SU-122s” or in any other video game “A knight attacks 3 pikemen in Age of Empires” or something…

Obviously “You should just die then”, and that’s fine. You got outplayed and walked right into a lion’s den. You don’t need a chance of winning 3-on-1 perfect-counter dogpiles for the game to be fair, lol.

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