Hers how top tier USA is going for me

Before anyone says anything, yes i’m not that great at the game, yes this is frustrating getting killed over 300% more than i kill. ive tried playing aggressive, passive, and i know where to shoot most tanks but in the end it does nothing, or i just didnt see the enemy tank and get shot and killed.

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I feel with this kd that you are playing overly aggressively, your best bet would be to find a hull down position, or alter how you play the game, for instance, if you peak a hill and shoot at a tank, reverse, reposition, repeat .

I can only suggest learning to play light tanks at rank 3 and 4. If you learn to avoid getting shot, sneaking around enemies and get more patience you should get better with other tanks too.

I think you may be right i will give this a shot

As others have said, learn how to not get shot, use your good gun depression and decent turret armor to your advantage.

If you’re playing on controller still it’s pretty much mandatory to play more passively, activate sweat mode sound settings (Options>Sound>My Engine Volume:27/Other Players Engine Volume:100) and try playing the M1128/HSTV-L to get a better feel of how the maps play out and what works more reliably, you could still do it with the M1 but I find I don’t care as much and tend to be more experimental and aggressive in light vehicles.

Also if you don’t have them yet get all M1 mods obv.

Did you buy your way to top tier? I’ve never witnessed such shit kd ever before in my thousands of hours.

Do you get off from being an asshole?


No i tend to go outside and touch grass a fair bit. I take long breaks from WT because you know life and all, so takes a bit to get into the swing of things. Top tier plays a bit different than lower tiers.

I do commend you on flexing your small penis energy on a video game though!! congrats!

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It’s your play style most likely. You dont have to play passive but play more cautiously.

To be honest though, top tier sucks, there are so many nanny features that the skill ceiling is significantly lowered.

Any jamoke with a decent twitch reflex can 360 no scope a tank at range with thermals and flat trajectories.

No Biggus Dickus jokes here pls xD

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Which is why not getting seen is so hard and crucial at the same time.



i dont know if its just the modern stuff that i have the issues with. I went down to BR 6 and was having a good time and getting kills. I play passive and try to listen for other tanks, but the abrams is a very loud girl so i dont know if thats my issue or still not have learned the maps enough to be effective at top tier

From my experience, people in lower tiers are much more careless and won’t listen for sounds as much as well, so it might be that.
And of course, top tier plays quite differently as well, you need to learn how to hide yourself pretty well, since thermals and great optics are a common thing, which paired with LRFs and darts will mean you’re in a really big trouble if you get seen at basically any distance.


Like others have said, top tier ends up being a very different thing than the lower tiers; with laser range finders, thermals, and high pen darts, you just have to assume that you can die from anyone, anywhere, at anytime. As far as mechanical skill goes, there’s much less of a gap between players at top tier because of the aforementioned features so it comes down to map knowledge and how the maps work at top tier specifically. In the Abrams it’s a lot of getting to side positions early, flanking with your mobility, and poking ridges with your gun depression; Your entire hull is a weak point for pretty much everything. And, a lot of the times it’s better to breech a tank than go for a shot you think might kill.

The engine sound is a big problem, sometimes I can barely hear anything over my own engine even at 27 volume, let alone the 3 teammate’s engines a grid away; in more close quarters situations, I’ve started specifically trying to cover the sound of my pushes as planes or helis fly over, or with my own arty drops. You just have to assume anyone nearby can hear exactly where you’re coming from at all times.

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I’m being honest.

Oh and as a quick note, there’s a much larger difference between being stock or almost stock and being spaded. You can make tanks work in the lower and mid tiers when they’re stock, some of them even get things like their best rounds by default or their unlocks are side-grades, but at top tier you’re just automatically at a disadvantage.

I’ve seen many people higher up with like 0.3 K/D on their tanks of that BR.

Another thing is that top tier lobbies tend to be smaller, so it’s easier to be aware of sounds and pings on the map. therefore, top tier players are more likely to notice you sneaking up on them, or pay attention to friendly drone marks.

Play and constantly think about how you can improve. that attitude has gotten me far. And if you ever get too frustrated, fun at lower BRs is still fun.

(yes i am trash at top tier ground)