Help with steam discussion

I need help with how to appeal a ban on steam forum. they banned me for posting in old discussions which i didn’t even know was an offense you get ban for nor do I understand why that would be an offense? I see no way of being able to appeal it… If they didn’t want people posting in old discussions then they should have done their job and closed they discussions so no one could post in it ( as is the standard). Can anyone give me the contact info for moderator on steam forum?

I doubt it’s that you posted there rather what you posted.

Also, this isn’t the place to ask for moderators for steam.

@war_Tinder can you help?

Lol okay. Idk why you come here asking for help on getting unbanned on the steam forums, then get upset about not being able to get help because you know, this isn’t the steam forums…

You also posted this in the wrong section. Move it to academy players helping players or community technical support. You’ll get the proper attention there. Where you have it now is not right, this section is for talking about the game


Don’t worry, I literally don’t have the power to ban you.

Unfortunately, I am not very familiar with Steam discussions. That’s not my area of expertise. Sorry.

You cannot contact Steam moderators because that requires a friend request and they refuse to accept them, and those same Steam moderators cannot be reached on these forums either from my experience, which still makes this the best place to go.

This shouldn’t even be a thing to be honest… Those who moderate there should be here and held accountable for thier actions in the same way as the moderators here are.

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Yeah, that’s what I said as well… but accountability isn’t a thing.

I think it is to a point.

Right now, and any other time, I’m sure everyone is over-worked, and they all ‘volunteer’ but they do that just to get the badge and to rule over someone… But I do think if they do stupid enough crap they end up being scrutinized.

Scrutinized by who?

Well, it should be Gaijin, but if they’re actualy being unreasonable, Valve…

I think Valve allows devs to manage and moderate their own forums as they see fit, I don’t think they would do anything about it.

So then you’re saying that Gaijin should be checking this…

I don’t think Gaijin really has anything to do with it either, or cares, we just have a volunteer moderator team that manages this forum and the Steam forum I assume and they moderate themselves.

I mean there is the Steam support

Also it is very stupid that you have to friend moderators to get unbanned

-then you are able to contact one of the Steam forum moderators. You can do this by either adding them as a friend on steam and them sending them a message, or by sending them a PM on their Official War Thunder Forum account. Both are linked towards the bottom of this thread.

Yeah, the first issue is that the ban doesn’t list the moderator in question to even know who to contact, second issue is that once you figure it out, the moderator is not accepting your friend request and the third issue is that this moderator is not active on this forum either.

Yeah. No matter what it’s stupid

And right away I can see what the problem is…

Ahem… if anyone actually reads these topics…

Steam Moderation
(Contact them if you have any issues with the War Thunder Steam Hub/forums - you can find them here)

  • [shadowsutekh - Steam Moderation ]
  • [AttackerCat - Steam Moderation]
  • [ErickaUnlimited - Steam Moderation]
  • [HudsonM1A2 - Steam Moderation]
  • [KnightoftheAbyss] [ - Steam Technical Moderation ]