Help with a suggestion (skin and decal)

Please, can somebody help me to make a suggestion, because I tried several time without succeed. My suggestion seems every time lost in the air notwithstanding having followed any rule and having contacted moderators.

The suggestion is the following:
Currently Italian Air Force has only 2 roundels:

  1. The tricolor roundel of 1943 (cobelligerant force, the Air Force that, after the armistice on 1943, fought with the Allied and against the fascist and the nazi Germany);
  2. The modern tricolor roundel low visibility.

I think that this is very poor for an independent nation tree, given that the Hungarian sub tree has 4 roundels (WWII, soviet era and post soviet era).

At least in the game should be present:

  1. The real Regia Aeronautica roundels during WWII, and I dot not understand why it has not been added since there is no problem (no prohibited symbols) in adding them as per Gaijn suggestion (see their web site)

  2. The modern roundel not low visibility:

For inexplicable reasons I never managed to get this modest suggestion published and I even got tired of doing it. Can some kind user, perhaps more listened to by Gaijn, do it for me? Thank you very much

We can’t do anything about it. Another thing is you would need to provide several sources, pictures, and descriptions. To back it up.

For the Regia Aeronautica roundels what sources are better than Gajin website??!!


At least an example picture of the roundel in use on a plane, something like that. Just something to show that it is real at least.
Maybe add in why you think it should be added (I think you did, but probably another explanation), the poll asking which ones you want to see, stuff like that. Even a simple references list would be nice.

I’m lost.
Gaijn in its website acknowledge that these are the Regia Areonautica roundels during WWII and suggest the skin creators to use them. Moreover, every WWII Italian planes already in the game have such roundels. What other sources do they need?

Again: Gaijn has already added the modern italian roundel in low visibility, so they acknowledge its existence. I ask them to add it in color (not low visibility). Again: what other source do they need?

Italy is known for its bureaucracy but this surpasses all imagination.

More than one website bro, idk

Maybe I’m not explaining myself: it’s their website! Plus every single damn Italian plane in the game has these roundels! They put them there!

Oh no, you are. And I’m telling you that suggestions need more than one source, it doesn’t matter where you get it from. The source could be the war thunder wiki but it still needs a second one to back it up, its just how it is.

Ok. I take note. They need me to prove to them that what they say is true. Luckily they know how to be developers despite this logic

The developers are an entirely different set of people from those who accept or deny suggestions. Furthermore, the standard for suggestions is independent of what Gaijin says because Gaijin gets things wrong a lot. I know they are correct, but bending the general standards in this case is bad because it sets a general precedent that rules can be bent.

I did not want to bend anything. I only thought that a proof of the fact that Regia Aeronautica used such roundels during WWII was redundant since every Italian plane of that period in the game have such roundels, and the suggestion was only to ask to put such roundels in the decal section and, in order to avoid to deal with prohibited symbols, I suggested to put the harmonized version, as Gainji suggest to the skin creators. That’s all.
Anyway, I have made a new suggestion with every reference now. We will see.

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