Help me to understand the game better

Hello community, i have I have two big dilemmas :

  1. How can someone see me without any problem among so much vegetation, trees, grass, behind the edge of the hill, etc. I see the direction from where he shot, I look and actually I don’t see him either on the thermals or on the normal. But he sees me, you can see it in the pictures, the first pictures.
  2. I tend to believe and have the impression that the vehicles are not properly framed (size, height, width) in the environment. Because I look through the binoculars, I see his antennae. He hits me and I can’t shoot because my shot stops on the edge of the “hill” or the ground wave, which should have protected my chassis.It’s like it’s the same thing on the boards with snow, but then the shot goes through the snow…I mean, it is perhaps better understood if I have an obstacle that should have offered me protection (ground wave, trench, any obstacle, etc.), why it can hit me on the chassis (I don’t mean the turret) only on the body the tank…Or I am wrongly induced to feel the protection offered and in fact it does not exist.

    set of picture take from his view of view… Disclaimer i am not acuzing of anything. this situation it happen many time.

    Replay here Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On.
  3. How i see him

    he shot me

    mi line of site cant shot him because of lipp of heal…
    how he see me .

    he shot next to my gun barrel and hit ammo.

Experienced players will be able to track you and shot you even if just 2% of your vehicle is visible. Some obstacles do not protect from hits, some building types do not protect from hits, some building types have actual holes and windows that can be abused.
Experienced players will aim you via binoculars or thru 3rd person view. Why? because they can shoot the same second little circle hops onto you. Combine this to modern wheelers that revers really fast and those darts may really seem to come outa nowhere.

Ofc there is another topic …real can of worms, some people do use ULQ graphic settings so the game seem barebone to them and they can often see you when you cannot see them. And there are cheaters too. Not too many imo but still, you may encounter one.