Help me choose an American premium aircraft

So guys, sorry for my bad English, but I need your help! I’ve got a Chinesse F-100 from this new event and I want to sell it before the discounts comming this november. I have all prop planes on American tech tree, but I need a premium plane to help me finish that tech tree. So, I am asking you to tell me which one should I buy? A-10A, A-6, F-4C or F-5C?
Also, I am not a new player, I have 1500 hours in game and almost maxed out all Soviet and German tech trees. Only problem is that it is my first time buying an actual premium vehicle, so I dont want to regret choosing the wrong one 😂
So, American tech tree vets, help me! 😂

By F-4C I assume you mean F-4S,

I need to know what your playstyle is to help you

A-10 is rank 6, so you can only effectively research up to rank 7, I wouldn’t recommend it unless you like the Rook.

A-6E Intruder, ignore it, not worth it.

F-4S, Decent plane, I would not recommend it in this current slug fest which is top tier.

F-5C is the real beauty here in my opinion, it is not rank 7 so you can finish the whole tech tree, it is speedy, and a good dogfighter.


A-10A. Compliments ground perfectly, nice loadouts.

I actually like bombing as a way of grinding planes. Thank you for your response 😁

I also think that A 10 might be perfect, especially because i can use it in Ground RB later, but I will think more about it. Thank you for your response 😁

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If you like bombing, I would recommend F-4S, you can take bombs to kill a base, then you have 4x AIM-7F and 4x AIM-9H for air to air, just make sure to take a long way to a base, or you will be shot down.

Yeah, I understand. Thank you bro, I appreciate your help here 😁

No problems, if you need any other help I’m always available :)

Thanks! 😁

Then I personally would recommend the A-6, especially in Sim EC. I ground a big part of the US tree with it, and like it very much. Very stable platform and easy to fly, great loadout to kill two bases or several ships…

I also love the A-10, but find it already much more challenging to fly as you’re (again, Sim) forced to get close to enemy AAA, which can be dangerous. But it’s very fulfilling too to “work” a ground battle zone and chalk up 10, 20 or more kills with a mix of Mavericks, bombs and - of course - the 30mm canon.

F-5C, never flown it but you’re here already in a BR-range where radar becomes more important, and lacking this makes it more difficult to use as fighter, and as ground pounder it simply lack in both armament and delivery options (CCIP, CCRP).

F-4S? No, not as a (relative) beginner! You would face a lot of vastly superior aircraft with vastly experienced players, and I personally don’t think this would be painless…

Thank you for your detailed response, I still have a lot of time to decide, but your oppinions mean a lot to me!

Don’t forget to test fly all of the options you’re looking at! Also while test flight is pretty limited, you get a feel for the planes and if you like them or not potentially…

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The F-5C was moved up to Rank 7 in a recent update.

I do have to agree though, the F-5C is the best premium you can buy for US Aviation. Enough payload to bomb one base completely and still feature it’s full A2A loadout to transition into a fighter.

It’s performance is one of the best of it’s tier with not many planes to be worried about when facing. Only other F-5C/Es and MiG-21SMT/MFs will give you any trouble when dogfighting.

It’s very inconsistent, though, as you face 12.3s that are FAR faster.

That’s what I meant sorry, it was a type o on my part,


Please don’t do this.

Pretty much any MiG-21 can beat it, but this doesn’t often happen due to not many people knowing how to play them.

It is, but I have the British Phantom and I’m not suffering too much from it. I would recommend the F-5C but they said they like bombing so that’s what I’d recommend

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Please don’t do this.

I grinded all three US fighter lines using the F-5C from Tier 4 using that method in under 400 matches.

Just load bombs, not napalm and bomb a target. It really wasn’t hard to get 25-35k RP matches on the regular using this method. 1 base and 2-3 A2A kills made you bank with a premium account.

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A bit late to the party, but just pointing out all premium aircraft can research all ranks in a tree with equal effectiveness, they don’t suffer from the research efficiency debuff. o7

No they cannot, premium vehicles can still only research one rank above

Which esentially means that rank 7 premiums can research entire tree. Which is this topic about,about what rank 7 premium to buy.