Help in top tier matches


There will be some complaining, but also genuine request for some advices.

I decided to go back to top tier and I don’t know if I miss something, but… How do I counter su25sm3 + pansir combo? Noone of the AA i tried (ito, adats, flakrakrad) but the missile just dies at the ranges these su’s are flying. Even if he’s at like 8 kms, 1 slight turn makes missile wooble so much it rarely hits.

I tried the countering them with planes, with better succes, but even when flying at 50-100 meters, not to mention 10k+ as some people advised, the pansirs still get me, without any warning. Same thing with trying to cas myself. I watched some videos on how to do it, but most of the time these players are getting ingored or there is no aa in the enemy team. So far i tired to: fly high, at 10 km and turn left and right all the time spamming flares, fly directly above the aa (hard to get there too), fly as low as possible. Nothing seems to work so far.

Additionally is the driver port in t90/72/80’s weakspod bugged? I seem to kill/ disable them most of the times with chinese mbt, but when trying to do the same with abrams/ strv/ leo, the shells often just poof out of existance after penetration and iIm getting “hit” message. Same thing for side shoots, chinese ztz, np at all, even when angled. Rest? let’s just say that one time i needed to hit 4 times from CV90120 into the side of the T80bvm to finnaly detonate his ammo rack.

Sorry for the rant and thanks in advance!

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so yeah, basically russia is OP and you can’t do anything about the OP su-25. Im sorry mate.


I have been able to find a lot of success with the harrier gr7. You can avoid the pantsir the easiest by flying low and putting terrian between you and the pantsir.

I have also been trying the f14 to do long range anti air via aim54. I can fly at 6km alt and around 11km away and be fine. You have to keep decent speed and be aware of any missile that seems like it has enough energy to get you.

This i have no idea on. I never go for that shot.

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That’s the neat part; You don’t counter them!

Not consistently nor reliably, if even at all.

You can thank Gaijin for that.

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Just spawn in, die, and do it again untill you can’t spawn anymore, that’s the trick you just exist to get killed by them to get points and research points that’s it.

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