Hello i have lost my account for this game and i’m asking if i can get all my planes back

hello i am reaching out to ask for help in getting my planes back i had lost my account about a two months ago i had every plane in germany except for the mig 29 and the tech tree tornado i also had the christmas tornado along with the premium mig 21 11.0. i also had the entire britain tech tree all the way down from rank 4 even the variants i also had the wyvern. i am asking if there is any way that i can get all these plane back

How did you lose the account?

Happened to me some years ago - my son used my xbox account during a business trip and ran into a bunch of cheaters - a few insults can create a perma ban from xbox live. No way to get the perma ban revoked.

My banned account had some premiums, full resarched Air TTs and at least 140 million SLs on it - but gaijin refused to transfer the stuff to a new account, so i won’t invest a single cent on this one.

I accidentally logged out of my PS4 somehow and i didn’t have the same email anymore so i couldn’t log in anymore so i got a xbox

damn man that sounds worse than me

It depends from you pov - losing 200d game time in wt vs restart and fly only the planes you enjoyed most. I mean i fly props only - so i don’t need all those jets or rare stuff like the BI rocket fighter to have fun.

It’s all gone then, going after it will only lead to frustration… Gaijin will just say to reach out to Sony support to get your account back, and you have an Xbox now and no access to your email, so that’ll be fun.