Hellfire type atgms spaz out and miss

Im sure you guys have shared that aggravating experience when your hellfire (or any laser guided missle) misses for no apparent reason when trying to kill a heli, even one thats totally unaware and hovering. The missile just falls short despite a clear trajectory with enough energy, or it will spaz out and miss. When will hellfire tracking work properly. I suspect they have it coded so its purposely bad at tracking moving targets mixed with server lag.

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Its not that , from what ive noticed, if you want a hellfire to hit an Air target ( heli ) , you have to be physically at a higher altitude than the target, at the very least 300-500m, its something to do with the code.
Either way gaijin could fix this by simply adding the AGM-114R , which has a proxy , without the need to change the guidance pattern, as the proxy would take care of the missile falling short and barely missing

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This is why I almost never play my apache. It’s annoying enough dealing with SPAAs. Being a sitting duck for KA-50s/52s is very frustrating.

This is true but even if you have the height advantage they will often miss. Its so funny to watch it looks as if the hellfire PURPOSELY misses its target lmao. But yes proximity fuse would be godsend. I propose to give them to the ah1z since its in dire need of attention.

Watch me get striked for this, but maybe if more People would buy the greek apache, gaijin would pay some attention to Hellfires, like they have to vikhrs : ) ) )

Lots of people bought the Peten. Didn’t change anything.

True, but im pretty sure A LOT more people bought the KA50, its been the designated Gaijin cash cow, along with the turms, for the better part of 3 years

Yeah, but it’s not like people bought it a lot and the devs were like “yeah, we should give the vikhrs some love.” Everyone has always bought the KA-50 because it (and Russia generally) was already OP. If the Apache was stronger (or at least equal to) the KA-50, then people would buy it just as much.

From a business perspective, at this point it makes more sense to give the Apache or some other helicopter the top-dog spot for a bit just because everyone who spends money on the game has probably already bought the KA-50 and it would create an incentive to buy less popular helicopters that most players probably don’t have. I’m a US main and I have both the T-72 and the KA-50 just because they are so strong. Imagine if the XM-1 or Apache got buffed so that they were OP-- vehicle sales would spike.

The Hellfires, as well as PARS-3LR are missing one crucial thing that would make them even better: a switch between direct fire attack mode and top-down attack mode. You should be able to switch between these 2 types before launch with ease and the missile will follow the chosen trajectory after launch, but they chose not to implement it for “balance reasons”. Also, the top-down damage was nerfed because surprise-surprise: the Hellfire was ideal to ammo rack that sweet carrousel like Javelin does in real life.

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I wish they would add that functionality. I’m tired of being completely ineffective against inferior platforms.