Hellfire ATGM need some buff

speed: maybe it says 475m/s which is quite fast but it’s curving so it’s actual speed is on average 200-300 m/s

locking: laser targeting is so bad, easily countered by smoke, trees, and has zero accuracy

basically it’s just unrealiable, any beam riding is much better than hellfire.

need to buff it by giving beam riding version, IR, or TV variant

It feels like there’s also a new bug with the Seek & Destroy patch: Somhow the feedback is awkward. It looks like as if the Hellfire would dive several meters into the ground before hitting the target, but then the target I’m lasing gets destroyed. I don’t know, it’s quite irritating.

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yeah, that happen to me too. it’s new visual bug for ATGM. visually it explode but the hitbox just keep flying somewhere

Hellfires only used laser or radar

The hellfire only ever used Laser or Radar, they cant just buff it with a certain guidance method it didnt have.

Recorded today.

yeah, heli ATGM cant trigger overpressure