Helispam in Simulator Battles

Im wondering if only i have this absolute bad expiriance in Simulater Tamk Battles. At the moment i Play Nato side against Udssr and China.(Japan Tanks) The majority of my Battles looking like This: I spawn in my Tank and 1 Minute in, i and a big part of my team getting wiped out by Heliplayers who only hover a bit an Shoting noob Rockets while i dont have anithing to counter. There is maybe 2-3 Vehicles that are capable to counter but the most players dont have anything.
I swear if WT dont balance those Vehicles fair in diffrent modes i stop playing. Im in since 2013 and i fucking love the Game. What are your expiriance? Im wrong when i say, Simulator Battles should be dificulte for Choppers to? Its to easy and no skill recuired. See ya in Battles!


Have you tried shooting them down with your main gun

you should be referring to the 10_2 GRB queue. NATO provided AA such as Roland 1 and XM975 in that queue.
but the problem is that many players don’t have these vehicles
they are all guys who bought gift package vehicles and rushed into battle

in addition,I agree that the number of helicopters and jets should be limited

Well the easiest vehicles in sim with the least skill required are actually tanks. You are still playing an obersimplified shooter with gunecahoncs that are less realistic than in GTA V.

But yes helicopters get quite a bit too much handholding as well. Their mfd view for missiles shouldn’t be operated by mouse-aim. The autopilot/autohover is overly potent. And they shouldn’t start with running engines, so the can be intercepted by jets before they can attack.

So i agree helicopters should be far more realistic and harder to use… But so should tanks. Besides fixed wing aircraft none of the vehicles in SB are fit for a “simulator” mode… The entire mode GSB is a mess and needs an overhaul.


No not jets. They are the only thing putting the “Simulator” in to “Simulator Battles”. Without them the mode is pointless and shpuld only be deleted. So it can be replaced by a more proper tank sim.

What BR specifically are you talking about?

Helicopters are the reason i stop playing top simulators, spawning 3-6 full load helis at start AA just cant handle that much helis especially with adding more Fire and forget ammunition for them…


Sure but shot an moving Target in more than 4 km is not that effective. And type 74 cant elevate theyr gun at all

Oh, welp sorry bud

I wonder how feasible it is to take a heli to get at those helis…

at the moment -9.3 at least what vehicle i can bring to battle.

I think the biggest ammounht of players are Guys who play the game since a long time and WT needs a basic stock of players to life on. But i think they are getting more frustated over the years especaly because of such poor balancing and gamedesigne. The Game will die over time if this problems dont get fixed. Why no new Gamemodes. i mean there are so cool possibilitys. But we capture the same A B C points for Yeeears. SO boring

Su25+kh38t can destroy everyone
within 3 minutes of the start of the battle

But a Tank can fight against an other Tank because they are designed to do. But To fight against Helis how hovering above treelines 3-5 km away is not what a Tank should do and cant. And dont forget it names Simulator Tankbattles and not MBT vs Heli with Missiles!!!


You need like 3 buttons(throttle Up, sights and fire) and depends on how many helis and enemy spaa you Can decide battle in less than minute

Scroll up or down or shift for up and control for down

Yeah helis are insanely handheld in sim and lots of people go there to abuse them, common knowledge.
You will be getting ATGMs thrown at you before your team even manages to get a hundred or so meters out of spawn at the start of the game and usually by multiple helicopters.


They are easily intercepted by fighters.

Also, you do understand that my point is about keeping the few Simulator elements that GSB has in “ground SIMULATOR(!!!) battles” tanks are not a simnelement, they are a tgird person shooter.

So that is simulated in a correct fashion.

No the name is “ground Simulator battles” not “tank Simulator battles”. So that includes ground attack aircraft, since they are part of ground battles (hell even the most famous tank battles had as many aircraft taking part as tanks. Like kursk).

If it was called tank simulator battles, then it should be immidiately deleted. Since there are no simulator grade tanks in war thunder, just arcade shooters with tank looking vehicles. I can totally get behind that idea though: delete GSB… It’s a joke anyway.