Heli's too op

Heli’s shouldn’t be spawned as a first vehicle in ground RB , especially when most of them come from behind your spawn and just decimate 2-3 team mates which in return they get frustrated to die in this matter and leave the match right away .

Common argument will come this way “Spawn on spaa” “It’s realistic” and etc .
I bet my left nut that 99% don’t spawn on SPAA in hopes for an enemy to spawn with heli .

Cas is indeed realistic but spawning one as a first vehicle in ground rb is quite frustrating and kinda unfair .

Heli OP thread N0 2035


Rocket rushing helis are the opposite of OP, I’m surprised when one gets more than 1 kill.

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I’m surprised no one’s complained about the ability to first-spawn helis, especially in Sim mode where you can instantly start with ATGMs instead of only rockets and cannon as in Realistic battles.

Some helis are more than strong enough when first-spawned that you can play a “ground” battle without having to use a tank at all.