Helis are dumb and ... dumb

apparently theyre just… immune to all forms of missiles, and are another form of cas, idk man solutions are dumb, just like… remove the game from existance or like cas? at this point, i barely even care, people who use helis are dweebazoids anyways

Heli damage models are made up of mostly empty space, missing all of the electronics and such

Most of heli pilots heads are made of empty space aswell… Rarely you meet a Ka52 or 64D that actually is dangerous and if the team has a half a braincell one who has enough points will spawn in an aircraft or SPAA and take him out anyway. Its not like they can run away anyway but seeing people getting up close with a heli is beyond the lowest of the low IQs instead of just Fox-1´ing him

ehrm, skil issu

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99 out of 100 heli pilots are braindead, you rarely see a game deciding pilot in a match, its just the fact that there is alot of them.

But for any battlerating there are realiable SPAA’s, and of course planes that can deal with them.

Heli’s can quite easily stay out of range of SPAA’s while berating the play area with ATGM’s.

An example would be the 9K127 Vikhr. a popular missile used by the KA-50 which sports a 10km range.

The Roland SAMs used by the US’s top tier SPAA has a 6-8km range.

The problem worsens at lower tiers where SPAA trails behind the helicopters even more.

I heli rush sometimes to see how it works out and it’s varying. Kamovs seem to tank darts sometimes but inconsistently and all helis still die to MGs often. and they will be obliterated instantly if anyone spawns a SAM

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