Helicopters in ground RB

I was just wondering how everyone feels about helicopters in ground rb. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that it is possible for people to spawn in helicopters with guided missiles at the very start of a game. It completely ruins the game and sucks the very small amount of that is barely present at top tier in the first place. It is absolutely awful to play any ground rb past 10.0. This needs to be addressed and fixed immediately!! Or another solution is to make a ground rb with to CAS what so ever. It is very aggravating and makes the devs look super incompetent.

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It’s hard to tell, given the lack of existing threads on this topic.


Which helis can do this? Unless you are taking about the aams, starsteaks, that people use as atgms which is a seperate issue.


Not exactly sure what you mean here, ATGMs have always had higher SP costs. Though there are the TY-90 and Starstreaks, which can in fact be first spawned. In which case, yeah they should give air-to-air missiles a higher SP cost to spawn. The Starstreak is pretty much a quasi-ATGM that can easily kill IFV/LTs and SPAA, whilst the TY-90 is… just stupid. Getting AF/helipad camped by one is mighty annoying.

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No one’s forcing you to go to 10.0+, the MBT & missile aircraft wasteland isn’t meant to be fun

The only Heli which can do that is the UK Apache. Not a lot of people play britain and even less have the Apache with the starstreaks unlocked.
I play 90% top tier and i very rarely see them. If it’s such an issue for you first spawn SPAA then.


To be fair, a competent AH Mk.1 pilot (with the right map) can easily screw up SPAAs (especially if they are distracted with something else).

I’m fine with them, I rarely ever play them, but I have one in my lineup. They are an easy target, unless it’s someone running a Sim-style setup, I.e. A stick controller, and full real controls, as well as the possibility of throttle and yaw pedals, and a VR headset. Also if they are riding the ground, they don’t really get detected untill they pounce on an friendly.

Just going to say, from my experience fighting the KA-50, it’s pretty decent, but not what everyone says it is, if it sits on the outside edges of the map and launches Vikhr’s it gets annoying though, gotta have a plane to take it out usually. Flying the KA-50 in a Sim-style setup on the test drive, it is a super easy to fly helicopter, super responsive, and can tightly hold an attack cone on an enemy vehicle, moving or not.

Heli’s can’t first spawn ATGM’s, only AAM’s that have some AT capabilities (which should be either (the AT capabilities) taken away, or made where you can’t first spawn them.

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It’s only regarded with such infamy because it’s a premium vehicle. IMHO the anemic optics and lack of thermals puts quite a damper on it’s effectiveness when slinging Vikhrs. I’d rather take out the 28NM or Ka-52 if i want to ATGM snipe.

Though you can always rocket rush, I guess. The combination of the easy handling and perplexingly survivable damage model makes it pretty good (and annoying, if you’re on the receiving end) on that regard.

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The main problem of the KA50 is it makes every other helicopter on the same or lower br completely unusable if it decides to go after them.

Of all the Helicopters in the game and only the same 3 things are ever complained about: 1st spawn ATASK, Vikhrs and TY-90s.

Don’t forget PARS 3 not working and being unreliable.

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Im about to go insane. Got gifted the clickbait. Every time i play america top tier, its just die from a russian helicopter within 2mins. I play britain or germany no problem, but america its just helicopters.

You can’t.

That, and heli EC really left a bad taste.

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