Helicopters finishing rearming have spawn protection granted to them

Can I have spawn protection when I’m rearming my SPAA too?

No. Helicopters get protection because they are defenseless while taking off, spaa can find cover in objectives in most maps.

They do not get protection when finishing rearming. Maybe you mean when they finish repairing? There is a brief moment when they finish repairing, the screen fades and essentially you get a fresh helicopter with standard spawn protection.

Possibly if there was a repair area. If the same as heli pads, you would get a fresh respawned SPAA with spawn protection and rearmed.

Is there something stopping you from firing your cannon

Yeah where can I get that installed for my SPAA?

i hate to tell you this but not every helicopter in game gets cannons, and maneuvering during takeoff will more likely kill you then shooting at someone.

Unfortunately it does not exist that I know of. Closest thing would be leaving vehicle and respawning I guess.
I would ask for something reasonable like a repair point around friendly spawn. Offer the same thing as helis get. Sit in a zone and in time respawn.

Currently enemy heli can sit 30m over your helipad and farm spawning helicopters with no counterplay…

So heli really have next to 0 spawn protection

That’s wack man

See that’s what I thought too then when I was going to kill one that was returning to base I found out that if it repairs it gains spawn protection a second time