Helicopters carrying ATGMs should not require one kill to spawn

CAS is too cheap to spawn


Says the guy who mostly plays heli rush with unguided rockets at the start of battles and then leaves after 1 death lol. They should stop that from being allowed as well


Engaging targets in machine gun range versus engaging targets outside of SPAA range with zero recourse from tankers.

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also should remove first spawn with anti air missiles, but you know, prems need to be sold

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Whenever I play 8.3 there’s always atleast one hind or allouette that spawns on start with atgms. Idk where you’re getting “requires atleast one kill” from. But other than that. 110% agree

If you helirush with a russian copter you actually have the firepower to get enough SP for a jet. Apparently gaijin somehow thinks 4 rocket pods at round start is somehow balanced

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Which helicopter can outrange the SPAA in its BR range?

You can not spawn with ATGMs, they’re getting 1 kill then spawning the helicopter

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7.7-9.7 every SPAA every Helicopter

ATGMs go from 4KM to 8KM

SPAA goes from 2KM effective range to 6KM effective range (helicopters need to be within 4KM to lock though)

Only at 10.3 with SACLOS SPAA like the Roland does the balance tip

There are loads helicopters with ranges of only 2-3.7 km for their ATGMs. For example the AH-1S has got a range of 3.7 km at 9.7 and the Swedish Huey has a range of 2 km.

I’d like you to list the helicopters at a BR that is 9.7 and lower that has a range of more than 4 km each with their specific range.

“more than 4km”

Direct fire SPAA isn’t effective past 2KM I don’t know why this is your point of contention

Ka-29 has Shturms, 5KM

Mi-24P has Shturms

Eastern German Mi-24P has Shturms

Eastern German Mi-24P HFS has Shturms

Wasp HAS.Mk.1 AS12 6km

Italy Mi-24V has Shturms

Italy Mi-24P has Shturms

The amount of helis I have gunned down with the Gepard, Type-87 and Sidam 25 at 3+ km disagrees. And those don’t even have proxy fuzes.

And four models of helicopter having a range of 5 km are not representative of matchups of “every SPAA and every helicopter”, as you put it. Especially when you consider that at 9.7 you are well within the BR range of Rolands and sinilar systems, which can reach you at 8 km.

Yes it is possible to hit helicopters that are sitting still.

Where did I say that they were sitting still? It is enough, if they are not directly watching you.

You can not hit a helicopter 4KM away unless it is stationary while your rounds travel to it

Of course you can. 🤦🏻

I guess you could hit it if it was above tree top level and traveled sideways in a straight line for ~10 seconds

Which is exactly what most players at that distance are doing.

They’re flying at tree top level where your radar isn’t accurate and you have to manually adjust

They’re also not flying in a straight line they’re moving up and down depending on the terrain

i have also killed gepards, type 87s and sidams with an aluette… while they were shooting at me and missing all the time.