Helicopter's Base AAAs

Whats the point of having AAAs , if they cant even get a hit on the enemy aircraft? They seriously need a buff immidiatley because , i am just casually spawning a Heli , and then a random jets comes by and kills me as soon as i spawn , and the AAAs do absolut no damage. How come , do the Aircrafts Airstrip have AAAs that can kill anything SO EASILY but the Heli’s Base AAAs can not do a single scratch to the Aircraft? This must be fixed as its unfairly unbalanced , as i brought up the Heli’s and Airstrip bases AAAs capabilities.


Heli AA isn’t functional, it’s cosmetic because this is the high level of immersion and realism we play Warthunder for.

Fair enough.

Then i want heli spawns moved 5 km back, so helis just cant hover over the heli base and shoot at the battelfield.

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They used to be pretty effective and then you’d die randomly from funny AI gunnery just trying to do the most basic things in your plane. Now they do no damage and exist as a warning only.

TBH I think they should be functional, but it’s going to require moving heli bases further out or making the SPAA only have an effective range of like 700m… debate over what you’d prefer but as someone who loves choppers it’s way better now than it was before

not all heli’s can do that you know ESPECIALLY AT 8.7… i have a max range on my Z-11WA of just only 3km , how am i going to manage to be sniping from the spawn ?

700m km it is but alteast , manage to hit something , the AAAs are compeltely useless objects at this point

I think the best solution is the AA’s get progressively more accurate the closer you at to the base. But we also have to discuss helicopters ability to camp and fire from the base like what often happens in high tier matches.

how about this?
we remove the AA completely.
this will hide the helipad from aircraft.
plus remove the helipad and airfield marker from the map for the enemy team.


Heli pad aa damage was turned off because the forward heli base aa was shooting down aircraft that were over the battlefield. Even a couple times a stray round would kill a tank.

Simple solution is to remove forward heli base and turn heli pad aa damage back on.

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