Helicopters are too silent in Update "Sons of Attila"

The new helicopter engine sounds are amazing and I love them all, but I feel like the slider went a bit to low. I have Engine volumes at 100%, everything else is fine, but I barely hear helicopters that are less than a km away. Anybody having the same experience?

I used to live near a national guard base and Chinooks would fly near my house frequently. They aren’t all that loud, wouldn’t hear them past 1000m I’d say

Russian tanks are also too silent, but I bet its just “coincidence” that its ONLY russian tanks being silent.

Naaa, it’s not only Russia wich is more silent, it’s the tuned volume overall.

I can clearly hear Friendly’s - no matter what type of vehicle - through multiple buildings and Hills up to 500 away…

But the pitching up noise from an accelerating enemy Abrams / Challenger or whatever right next to me? Nope.

Directional sound and volumes in general were f’ed up completely several patches ago.

Especially now, it’s not only a tip, but necessary, to increase enemy engines to 100 and friendly’s engines to the lowest.

But more often than not sounds aren’t played at all.

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