Helicopter spawn traping ground rb

The ground rb helicopter AAA make no sence if it make no damage to any other enemy helicopter.
increese the damage of the AAA on helicopter feelds.

Not very fun when you die to something you can’t counter, huh buddy?


they are too close to the battlefield, it would just shred actual CAS

I had people literally camping the helicopter spawn with a helicopter just behind it lol

i would say something really hateful about cas in ground rb now but i wont

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Its fine as is. Maybe it should only damage enemy helicopters at very close range

Happens a lot, also spawncamping fighters, but it is still better than having Ka-50s hovering in a protective sphere that leaves them vulnerable only to SPAA.

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My suggestion would be to re-enable heli pad aa but remove the foward heli pad. Or have aa only on for the rear heli pad.

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It just should kill after a time periode, like first miin no dmg, later more damage.
Just for fighter balance