Helicopter spawn needs better AA

Today as soon as i launched my Helicopter, the enemy team has a helicopter just sitting there waiting and killed me. He was right there at the base just waiting. AA is shooting and nothing is happening. Another time guy is just flying his su-25 around the helicopter pad getting shot be AA but no damage to him. As soon as someone spawned in a helicopter it was taken down. There should not be the ability to freely hover over someones spawn location taking no damage and get a kill.


I disagree. I love flying around my fighter spawn camping helis after getting killed by one.


There is no AA, it’s just cosmetic AA, just Warthunder things.

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Helicopter Spawn SPAA is designed to shoot tracers so you know the direction of the enemy nearby

It is not meant to defend you and unless Gaijin can program it to only target enemies within 1KM it can’t be used as actual defense as it would restrict air space around the battlefield too heavily

Gaijin should add more spawn protection for helicopters possibly even highlighting enemy helicopters hovering within 2KM as they do not need that airspace to function like Aircraft does.

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Nah. I love spawncamping filthy Kamov and Havoc users.

A proper solution is larger maps so the airfields and helipads can be moved farther back. Then everyone would have more breathing room.

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Tottaly disaprove. It is one of my most enjoyable pastimes in RB, to fly around and take down heli scum, but i only take joy in killing the ones firing ATGMs. Maybe you should realize that flying heli is one of the most scummy things you can do in war thunder.

Image of average ATGM HELI:

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