Helicopter RP is still way too high

Asking for 300.000 RP for a random 9.0 helicopter when there is no viable way to grind them aside from using ground forces, which is at the expense of your GF ground and adds millions of RP to the grind, and despite this whole roadmap thing we’ll end up needing to grind more RP than we did before these changes.

Air and ground vehicles at those BRs are only 180k, helicopters are almost double, and then also the obscene module requirements to get them in a competitive state.

Having to grind 380.000 RP for a 9.3 Bo, 380.000 for the Japanese AH at 9.3, one of the very few air options Japan gets, 390.000 RP for a 9.0 A109 the first viable Italian helicopter.

Than having to grind another 300.000 RP with these helicopters to get modules whilst the opportunities to grind RP are significantly less than the ability for ground and air to earn RP.
People should not have to grind 700.000 RP to get a functional helicopter in which it is difficult enough to earn said RP.

I can unlock 2 ground vehicles for a lineup at the 9.0 range instead of a single helicopter that likely isn’t even getting any sort of competitive loadout until dozens and dozens of matches later.

A helicopter costing 100k RP is more than enough for what you’re getting, and if Gaijin is serious about reducing the RP, they can’t simultaneously add 1.5 million to 2 million RP to the grind in the form of helicopters.


Pure ATGM Helo’s are not worth it anyways. Since the missile changes (well, nerf) heli ATGMs are behaving in a way that you mostly miss. Hitting moving targets is almost impossible. I tried the Mi-24 Shturm and the Bo-105 HOT-2 as well as TOWs. Its not really worth it anymore. Esception is the Vihkr missile, you can easily test flight the Ka-50, this one still behaves ok.

I especially wounder how you ever should grind these super RP requirements with missiles that can’t really hit anymore. You get maybe 1 kill out of your 6 ATGMs which means you get like 500 rp at the end of the GFRB match. But you need 380.000 rp to unlock a chopper and another few 100k RP to unlock the modules. Man that doesn’t fit, this takes years… Its a bit better for attack chopper, which have good rocket pods and a nice gun + AA missiles. But all these pure utility helis, which have just ATGMs are totally lost after their main armament got “changed”.

What else is there though, ATGMs are the only thing you can really use as getting anywhere near a battlefield is just instant death.

Heli PVE. It’s a garbage game mode, but unfortunately the only other option as of now. The ground RP towards heli research is a joke, when the RP you gain in a ground game is abysmal compared to the current RP cost of helis.


Heli PvE is entirely not suited for half the starter helicopters, Japan for example gets a few mighty mouse rockets and that’s it, good luck hitting SPAA from 3km out with those things.

I managed to research a single module for the UH-1B in the 3 years it’s been in the game, and barely any progress unlocking the second heli.

Got 15k RP per hour in the Z-11WA, out of 380k required so 25 hours of grinding heli PvE, just for a stock heli that needs another 300k in modueles, and then there’s 4 more helis.



It could be done if the constant modifications wouldn’t have broken the game mode even more instead of improving it. Even with the current state of Heli PVE I feel that it is the better mode to get RP for heli research than anything else available. Which is saying a lot about how useless all the alternatives are.

I’ve researched half the soviet tree using this mode, but finally I caved and got the Ka-50 to finish all the top tier helis. Otherwise it would’ve been a year of grinding. And that’s with premium account.

Btw, incase it wasn’t clear, I totally support the reduction of the insane amount of RP needed for helis.

The new ground RP to heli RP is the best way, but that does mean it effectively added 5 new top tier vehicles to your grind, which is funny because it entirely negates the upcoming RP reduction changes conveniently enough.

Russia is a lot easier to play than most nations, you can at least out range SPAA, in the ZW-11 you get 2 missiles at only 3km range and then a minute long reload for 2 more missiles and they don’t kill half the time.

Mi-4 is a brick, I remember the 2-3 hours long games, the only way you could get some RP was when the rest of the team (back then it was 4 people/team) left and you were left alone to kill everything.
I have always preferred the rocket pods for low tier helis instead of ATGMs.

Rocket pods are useless when SPAA kills you from 3km out and you can’t kill anything because you cannot get close enough.

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It takes skill and again, the game mode was better when it came out than it is now, it wasn’t always the same.


Dealing with SPAA that snipes you if you get within 3 km isn’t really skill, just need better weaponry.

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Agree due to how visibility and repair system work in WT. It’s hard to achive any kill with rocket pod without getting shotdown.
A simple “rocket run” tactic (fly closer to targets aim , fire , fly away with speed ) are very risky than just simply toss rocket from Far away (pop up , aim , fire , pop back) [aka fire for effect] .
Then again the latter can barely get you any kill cuz “Mission kill” aren’t a things in WT. Unless you hit unfortunate light armor vehicles or get very lucky hit.

About RP . It just that Gaijin didn’t want to give proper RP reward to PvE mod. (So we have to spent time or money for them)


It just that Gaijin didn’t want to give proper RP reward to PvE mod. (So we have to spent time or money for them)

This does seem to be the case, helicopters seem to be purely about creating whale content, but now that burden is shifted to ground forces whilst pretending RP is being reduced, when they just added millions of RP per tree.


I totally agree. The first maps were cool and you could gain good RP in a reasonable time. The maps weren’t so huge and it was more suited for slower helis to get to places and kill ground targets and other players.