Helicopter PVE Gepards have aim bot enabled

The convoys in PVE Helicopter are protected by gepards with aim bot 9000. They all but instant kill you as soon as you get close to them. With the lower rank Heli’s not having long range options you have to get close to the convoy and if you have the slow missiles the Gepard will shoot you down before your missile gets a chance to hit them. I’ve died multiple times to these things and its very frustrating. Can someone please take the aim bot away from the gepards so i dont have to buy a new keyboard.

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its called a track radar. players also has access to the same thing in that vehicle and if you are withing 4km of a Gepard in PVPV you are also going to die.

I know what you mean cause some of my key caps jump out of place now in intense dogfights, but why don’t you grind your helicopters in Ground Battles?

Because sometimes i just want to play helicopters and not with any tanks. I can spend an hour listing to music blowing up npc’s to unlock mods for the helicopter, and at the end of the hour or so i’ve made 85k of rp for the next helicopter and 150k SL