Helicopter port #2 on all maps

War Thunder needs to make the AA at helicopter port number# 2 to be able to shoot down enemy helicopters because of the fact the campers that sit on helicopter port #2 because the AA will not shoot them down and this is BS there should be ground to air missiles on the helicopter ports as well and airports as well to protect the planes and helicopters landing and taking off or is this just an oversight by War Thunder? You see there’s more bugs in this game that you can count

The AA not killing stuff at closest helipad is intended by Gaijin as before when they did damage,just you flying above battlefield meant the helipad onetapped you. There was no reason to fly as helipad just shot down everything. So Gaijin decided to keep the AA but remove their damage as they now serve as warning that there is plane or heli nearby.

OK so that was Gaijin bright idea and stupid idea now the helicopters that take off from that helicopter port #2 get shot down before they can get in the game and that’s BS And that’s wrong for them to do this it’s just like the mobile artillery pieces that they put in the game they are not tank destroyers but the Gaijin classifieds as such which is BS to