Helicopter point per tank killed v Tank point per Helicopter killed

I really love GSB since a long time…But this thing in the title disturb me a lot.
Like right now I killed a H 34 with my QN506…Ok my thing is rank VII and his is V but, I got only 160 points, he spawned back and killed me for no more than 500 points.

I dont understand, and playing the event that is based on point I feel totally robbed.

But it wont make me quit GSB tho, still love the game mode.

Oh, and yeah seeing people with 2500 points cuz they took off and killed 4 guys with ATGM piss me off when I have way better stats but half of their points.

That’s my little scream from the heart, dont mind me…I guess.

If it makes you feel better helicopter research points per tank kill is drastically less than research point per tank kill as a tank.

To make me feel better, I hop on my Saggitario 2 and kill everything in sight. For sure I will have my 600 points per heli kill…But whenever I do that there is no more heli :(