Helicopter mode improvements

I recently saw this video on Youtube about how Helicopters in Air Simulator Battles would be a great idea and i completely agree. Helicopters wouldn’t have any disadvantages because its so hard to see them when they hug the ground, and you could spread them all out between the Sim BR brackets. This would mean you don’t have to run PvE servers anymore as Air Sim would be the same thing but with occasional jet flying by. Would anyone else want this? I find helicopters really locked to ATGM Sniping because they’re so weak, and compared to the SPAA at the ranks Helicopters are in they cant do anything but ATGM Snipe. Here’s the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RoTHtX_7E8I
There’s also a bug in VR where the camera is really jittery and it makes it impossible to aim guided munitions in both jets and helis.

How will you prevent me from camping an airfield in the ka 50?

Rolands? this pretty much is just saying that adding helis to sim could be a good idea, and that they dont have the change sim just add helis, so Rolands would be on the airfield and M247s etc.

Is the range different? Thought the aa had an activation range of 5km

Rolands are already on Sim airfields, but the Vikhr’s outrange them, so the Ka-50 could comfortably sit outside their range and delete the whole airfield air defense.

Even with Hellfires you can counter them quite safely.

You’d need other SAM’s like FlaRakRad or ItO 90 with VT1, or similar.

There are Patriot systems and s-300 in the files, they might be added to air in the near future and this could fix both Rocket zumbis and airfield camp

dont they infinitely spawn? i know the AAA in lower tiers do

There’s also the Chinese helicopters slinging TY-90s. Would certainly be interesting to see how that works in the Air SB environment, theoretically you could just camp somewhere just out of range of the AA Rolands and sling missiles at jets landing or taking off. Combine that with terrain masking and the fact that everyone is locked to their cockpits (while you have TV/FLIR cameras with immense amounts of zoom) and you’d have one sneaky gameplay indeed.

cough cough nerf ty90s
you could just make them unable to get near the airfield like a turn back zone