Helicopter Grind is Outrageous and MUST be changed

I wanna start saying that helo grind has never been decent, Heli PvE did “ease” the grinding process but not by much.

This is because of a few reasons:

1- RP Prices to unlock helos:
I haven’t seen other nations, and Im gonna talk about my own experience, but it doesn’t make sense for the first few helos to cost around 150k RP which is manageable to instantly double-triple to around 350k-380k RP
One case being the French Alouette costing 150k RP and jumping to 360k and 380k IIRC of the Gazelles.
From perspective, a Light Helo (Gazelle) armed up to a max of 4x4km ATGMs (HOTs) costing 380k to unlock and then the peak of the helos, the brand new Tiger Block 2, armed with up to 8x8km FnF Spike ERs, costing 400k RP.

My suggestion, tier V helos are fine at -150k RP- , tier VI helos should be at around -250k-280k- RP MAX, and top tier is 400k RP always so keep it at that.

2- RP Rewards in Heli PvE
This is not hard to calculate by yourself, I’ve personally been using the Tiger HAP premium.
At an AVG of 30min/15k RP± per match, it’d take you around 12h hours NONSTOP playing (w/o boosters) to unlock a 380k - 400k RP helo.

I didn’t even want to check how much time it’d take for a player with no premium account or helo, but It’s just a crazy amount of hours to spend.

That’s exactly why rewards must be BUFFED in order to be profitable for players.

Thanks for reading


Not a bug.

It certainly isn’t!

Just use tanks.

It’s not like ground RB has that much better rewards tho, the thing with ground is that vehicles do not have that big of a jump in RP prices so you don’t notice it that much.

I like switching between ground and helo when grinding too x)


The only thing annoying about helicopters is grinding modifications you can grind them quite well with the added ground research feature and with the new skill bonus buff to research it’s even doubly so.

Modification grind is an issue across all modes but at least once it’s done it’s done and your vehicle is fully functional.


Grinding the mods for the Mi-8AMTSh is painful but at least it gets 4 ATGM stock

I fully agree,
Another thing is the balancing in the heli pve. there was a youtuber that was talking about adding them so air sim so that they could hunt on their own. Im sick of going with ka50s and not being able to get a single ground kill. My uncle served on a black hawk but the 300,000 + 350,000 + 400,000 rp costs for the helis is actually driving me insane

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Took me about 3 months of on-off PvE grinding (with RP boosters from ground assault) just to get past the PAH-1. I’m contemplating of just GEing my way to the Tiger UHT because I cannot stand having to grind yet another 400k RP. Yikes.