Helicopter doesn't go up

Why does this happen, many times I can’t relocate because the helicopter simply doesn’t go up even at maximum power

First. I’m guessing you were turning the hover mode off yes?
Second,. Is the helicopter stock?
Third. How much fuel do you have it set to?

because gaijin seems to think the littlebird can’t fly with rocket pods and miniguns. probably tem not doing the engines right.

none of this should matter at all. i’ve seen AH-6s fly out with rockets, guns and fuel in winter just fine IRL.


This only happens when I’m at the base, if I left it starts to gain strength, however when the base is surrounded by trees there is no possibility, either with the hover on or off, I’ve already done a lot of research with this helicopter in the video, but it happens with any Um, it looks like a bug

I can’t take off with a few of my helicopters if its stock and I have a full fuel tank.

Well this isn’t IRL, this is war thunder and its much worse when the helicopter is stock.

I’d be resetting controls and redoing them over… That should absolutely be flying.

That’d be the case if you can show that more. That is really messed up, also note even the maps that it happens in maybe too in your bug report.

AH-6 without performance mods won’t go up with that load out.

Drop the mini guns since you don’t use them anyway and you will be so much better, even once you get the performance mods don’t bring the guns since they just weigh you down.

Even still if you want that load out what you need to do is go between the trees to gain horizontal speed then you can pull up with more lift


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