Helicopter Crew - Air or Ground?

This might seem like a stupid question to some, but I would like a bit more clarity about something.

I have been grinding UK planes to Rank 5, tanks up to Rank 4 and researching 5, German planes and tanks to rank 4 and researching 5. As they are on sale at the moment, I have now bought my 1st Helicopter, but who do I use to crew it with?

I take it that as heli’s are in ground battles with tanks, I have to lose a tank crew to fly it. Is that right? (unless I spend GE for another crew).

For air units (Helis/Planes) You are using ‘Air Vechicles’ crew no matter the mode You are playing.

It is recommended to suit Your crew slot to Your own gameplay. Sometimes it should differ according to nation and B.R.

Yes, the helicopter will take one of the crew slots. So if you only have four crew slots. It’ll be three tanks and a helicopter. You could always pay the SL for the additional crew or if you have already done this golden eagles for an additional one.

I got 6 slots on all my nations, ground is the right end of the slots, left is the air portion.

I prepared for this, but not really because the left side was already done for air due to me playing air prior.

It just seemed the way to actually go about it.