Helicopter Comparison (AH-1Z, AH-64A, Eurocopter Tiger HADs)

Hello. Just starting to look at helicopters and wondering how these high tier helicopters compare. Not interested in other options, just AH-1Z, AH-64A, Tiger HAD, Tiger HAD Block 2.

Looking for ease of flight control, overall maneuverability, weapons, countermeasures/defensive systems, and sensors…aka pretty much the whole package.


Apache has the best flight performance.
Hellfires are meta in heli PVE, and usable in ground RB.

AH-1Z you’re not as well in flight performance as Apache, but are faster and get 2 AIM-9Ms as self-defense.

Tiger HAD and HAD Block 2 have a funky flight model, they’re very maneuverable but prone to flipping if your collective is too high.
Hellfires on HAD are good. HAD Block 2 gets SPIKE ERs which are among the best missiles for helicopters for ground RB.

As for countermeasures, American Apaches have the least. Israeli Apaches have the most with Britain’s close second.
All have RWRs. Apache A lacks a laser warning system the others have.
MAW is on AH-1Z at the least, I forget if Tigers have it, Apache A does not.

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Thank you very much…quite helpful. I think I will start with the American helicopters.

The best one in that list would be the ah1z. Hellfires are pretty good when you get good with them. You have a good cannon, good countermeasures, decent flight performance, top tier avionics, and unique to the viper, you get 2 aim9m’s which are extremely effective in ground rb. You can do lots more damage with the ah1z, and its got better survivability due to its good air defense that most choppers dont have. Plus it looks bad*ss. Eurocopters are nimble but pretty anemic in payload. apache is just a worse ah1z

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Thanks again! The only other helo I am curious about is the new Israeli AH-60 that is coming. Short grind relatively and 16 spikes…although I have no idea how the Blackhawk flight model will limit its effectiveness.

Thanks for all the help.

that will be very strong but its also extremely vulnerable to enemy aircraft. like the tiger uht is. but your also much larger and less maneuverable. You will have to learn to hide from enemy jets, which is easy in small choppers like eurocopter, but will be very hard in a massive one like the blackhawk. Regardless, 16 fire and forget agms will be pretty powerful.