HELI thread to end all heli threads

Instead of asking for it to be changed / removed hows about we work on a suggestion (I will need help with formatting, know where to find the knowledge if anyone will be willing) and ask the devs to implement :

Ring Vortex State
Wind Deflection on terrain
Wind Deflection on Hull

Also, most of the helis in game can not still hover with full fuel / payload as you will snap the rotorhead.

Basically, lets get it “right” instead of saying “change / fix”.


I know very little about heli emergencies right now since I am still very early in my studies but I think ring vortexes are already ingame.

This can occur already ingame. Are you saying it’s not done correctly or that it should happen more frequently?

I have been whipping that throttle and no effect seen yet. Maybe I am just super lucky but seriously have not experienced it yet.

How have you been trying to force it? You know, barely any horizontal speed, very rapid decent (>500 ft/min decent or sth). Depending on the main rotor through put you might need a higher decent rate. Avoid any cyclic input otherwise you will get too fast or break through the left/right side of the vortex

With the second and third point do you mean ground resonance? If yes I have no idea. Since you have to be in a low Rotor RPM state I don’t think gaijin added it. Too much effort for sth that barely happens

When I say I have been whipping it… Basically, turned heli flight into something that can be considered as realistic as Need for Speed = It stayed in flight by the power of family.

What Helicopter are you using

I can get it to happen on my AH-1Z when I’m going over ~270 and pull hard without cutting my COLL

Same with the YAH-64

mandatory mention of the KA50s absurd overpoweredness.

i don’t play helis as I don’t think they truly fit in with the current gameplay of GRB but they should at least handle correctly

Personally I am on a semi stock ah6, have the prem apache and rooivalk. Test flight on some other ones. Also a year or two of observation.

In warthunder they have a weird arcadesim. Even the Mi24 is a bit weird.

Some points they are too easy to handle and other points everything that makes it a helicopter is absent in handling. If you can guide me on how to replicate your vortex I will go for it again.

If the suggestion isn’t to cut RP requirements by like 80% and an actual heli mode it doesn’t matter.