Heavy Tanks

Dear Gaijin Developers,

When will

  • China and Germany have a heavy tank after Rank IV?
  • France and USA have a heavy tank after Rank V?
  • Israel, Italy, Japan and Sweden have a heavy tank?

Why does

  • UK have a heavy tank at Rank V?
  • USSR have a heavy tank at Rank VI?

Cause they simply made heavy tanks past WWII. China never had any heavy tank except IS-2 post war from USSR and Germany post war havent developed any heavy tank. Israel,Italy and Sweden never developed any heavy tank either. The only italian “heavy” tank is already ingame, but the P26 was classed as medium by everyone except Italy.

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Actually they had the WZ-111. If i am correct it is uknown if it was ever fully finished in a working condition (tho this game has quite a few tanks that were just like that, E-100 for example).
It would be basically an aliexpress version of the T-10A.
The hull still exists btw(With a weight simulating the turret, i suspect):

Israel could receive IS-3, but that would be more unnecessary copy/paste :(

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Because among the IS-3 histeria, they had to make a heavy tank that can counter the trash IS-3 (in real life trash at least). Same is for US with the M103.

Because the soviets experimented with heavy tanks for more, and they were crazy and made them well protected with good guns and mobility. That’s why they have a heavy at that rank.

As i said in my other comment, china experimented with the WZ-111.
Germany has the E-100 and the Maus at rank 5.

They won’t. At/after the '50s, people realised that heavy tanks are a dead end, and stopped develpoing them. the M103 and AMX-50 are as far as they will get.

Israel never even attempted a heavy tank.

Italy was trying something with the P40 and it’s many variants, but the P26 was the furthest they’ve got (as far as i know)

Sweden had some concepts with the Emils, but they never left the plan staged.

Not bad, but as far as i know, you would not have a good, or even a full lineup with them at 7.0.

Well for copy/paste, a few years in the future every update will be of another slightly different wariant of a T-55 or a Sherman that plays just the same as the other 600 variant…

Challenger, Abrans, Leclerc, Merkava Mk4 and Leopard 2A4s are heavy by today’s standard.

Medium tanks are like CCVL, XM8, etc.

Light tanks, BMPs, Bradley, Marder, etc.

Until mid tiers are heavily decompressed, I think it’s actually for the best to not have heavies at Rank V, since most of those are not really good to play with.

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These are MBTs, a whole new category that crystallized with T-64.