Heavy tanks loose sense against modern cold war vehicles!

Last heavy tanks of the game continuously fight against so much modern and powerful light and med tanks with modern rounds that doesn’t care about armor, this is a really big problem being armor the main point of heavy tanks. Some vehicles as T32E1 or T95 should rely on armor, they doesn’t have a great movility so running away from a missile or retreat from a battle you can’t win is not possible, their guns hasn’t got the best penetration or reload and lot of enemies as T-54 are almost inmune against them with only small weak points to hit. For example you can be in a battle with your T32E1, you find a T-55, T32E1 can’t run away from him so your only option is fighting, T-55 shots first because It has stabilizer, but luckily It misses, now T32E1 shots to the cuppola, one of the few parts you can pen, unluckily It just go trought without exploding, T-55 reloads so much faster son its second shot goes trought your turret because It doesn’t care about armor and kills your arty and that’s all for T32E1.
This is only one example, lots of times you die from shots in really long ranges (lots of those meds and lights have rangefinder) and if you have good distance aiming It probably just hit It because lack of penetration, but be sure the cold war heat or missile will delete you from the game.
The problems start about 6.3-6.7 but you can play heavys decently until 7.0, over 7.0 you play heavy tanks if you like to be a boxing bag or a free kill.
Heavy tanks need some kind of BR barrier that protects them from all those modern weapons as HEATFS, APDS, missiles and even APDSFS. Some of those weapons are from 20 years or more after world war 2, just unfair for heavy tanks.
Heavy tanks are supposed to be the tough enemy to kill but with all those cold war vehicles they are the easy to kill enemy. And for the poor heavys the meds are the tough enemies to kill. If heavys are hard to kill everybody cries oh please gaijin they are too difficult to kill (even if that is the whole point of the vehicle), but if meds are almost imposible to kill for those heavys everything is ok?
We need gaijin fix this enormous problem and make heavys a fun and good class to play.


And lots of those light vehicles as T92, Bulldog, BMPs that are really annoying for heavys because of its ammo perform really well against more modern vehicles (probably because they are designed to fight against them…). These days playing T32E1(7.7) my T92 (6.7) has more survivavility and chances to kill somebody from the front than the T32E1. And I’m not good playing light tanks, I’m heavy main, but even using the T92 bad I get better results in lot of games.

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Against a BMP you have good chances to kill him, but what about fighting against meds like T-55? Vehicles as T32 can’t pen them from the front except from some little weak points as the cuppola that sometimes doesn’t work. Most of those meds can pen the heavys in any point and are faster than you. So those meds have a good armor against heavys, rounds that doesn’t care about the heavy armor and kills the heavy without problems and better speed. Where is the balance there?

the balance and the fact that heavy tanks can kill: enemy heavy tanks, enemy medium tanks and enemy light tank and so what can light tanks kill: heavy tanks, medium tanks, light tanks here is the balance ^^

But you do read what I said? :()
Heavys around 7.3 has a 90% of posibilities to loose against most meds, I don’t think that’s balance.

I don’t think but maybe so just don’t play this tank ? no i have the solution bro
my tricks is play the light tank in the begin of the game and after 2 or 3 death i play the heavy tanks. the technics is play the heavy tank at the middle-end of the game for not be killed by the light who are all already dead. ^^

Yeah, maybe some vehicles can’t be played in the current state of the game, but that’s why I write this post. Of course if I use the good vehicles I kill a lot, but I want to play fun vehicles and the ones I like, as the heavys, not just the good ones. Some vehicles are really annoying to play right now, that’s why they should fix them, we are loosing a lot of fun vehicles for being in the wrong BR. Maybe if we talk about It and protest they change them.

My Maus shouldn’t face BMP’s and T-55s, it is completely unrealistic. Gaijin could just as well add the 3 German Tanks back to WT then. Fix the former but do the latter regardless, please.


Your Maus shouldn’t face anything if you want to go realistic)


Yeah, the poor Maus is in a crazy world full of missiles and 70s vehicles.

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There are a lot of prototype vehicles, I don’t know which is the problem with Maus, at least we still have one in a museum.

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started with the german tree to unlock the Maus. I was quite disapointed two years later when I finally reached it…

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I never regretted buying it with RP conversion in 2021. But when a BMP does not get Overpressured by your HEAT round and shreds you…that is not fair.

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I will get Maus this year, it’s the main reason I’m playing Germany :)
I wish I could have some fun with It.

They’ve got to put hullbreaking back. A 128mm shell, even if it doesn’t hit the gunner, totally disintegrates any light tank


That’s not balance. Light tanks are smaller, faster, have arty, spotting and faster firing guns. Heavies are expensive, slow, big and often rely on full caliber AP with longer reloads.


True, and against those modern shells as HEATFS you can’t even rely on armor on the heavy tanks.

But does EVERY enemy have HEAT-FS and all the tools to deal with said heavy? I bet heavies of this type get to face tanks that struggle to handle them.

Heavies are also not ever their best in the full uptier, whereas lights and TDs traditionally hold the uptier; unless you know how to use the vehicle. I see so many heavies being used in their full uptier by novices that no wonder we get the experiences we do! And these heavies are hardly more expensive since repair costs aren’t like they were and SP was drastically reduced to get more cannon-fodder to join in.

For the late heavies to be as viable in the HEAVY role as the earlier heavy tanks (again, to most they are hard to crack but do have chance to face counters, even many BRs below) the game would need a large gap where the current mediums/lights could fit around and I don’t think altering things to cater to one dying class of vehicles is going to have a simple fix nor worth completely balancing.

For clarity the last Heavy I spaded was the Conqueror at 7.7 (total mixed bag, sometimes felt like a king, others just an awkward target, regardless of uptiier/downtier) and the most painful APDS experience (well, not including my initial 6.3/6.7 of Cents and similar before stabs were added and that round was in a rut).

Mainly those enemies that fight for killing hight BR heavys are another heavies.
I have been playing this game for 5-6 years and I play heavys because I like them, they are vehicles for everybody, not just novices. And they are one of the coolest and funniest class to play when they work as they should. And one of the funniest to play against, not just point anywhere and kill, tha’st why they are so important, they make players think, not just shoot without using the brain.

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Sadly I think in the rush for many to get to the zone they want (modern) so much of this is lost. Though I have always been against eras being separated I do understand the problem the long grind to the top brings to the whole game; in hindsight modern (undefined) War Thunder should have been a new/alternate game as now below is a cluster f#%^.