HEAT not overpressuring since update?

So I was playing a game in the DF105 today, which uses HEAT. At first I shot a Ratel, it didn’t overpressure, however the shot was poor so I didn’t think much of it. I shot again at the Ratel, didn’t overpressure, but killed the crew with the HEAT jet.

I have then shot at an Italian Leo 40/70, an opentopped vehicle hitting the gun, again no overpressure and I subsequently died to the vehicle.

Came out in the Raketenpanzer and then shot a BTR-80A repeatedly, not overpressuring and died to the vehicle.

So is HEAT bugged currently? It was overpressuring fine before the patch, especially on open tops. I understand the Ratel and BTR surviving, but the Leo 40/70? No idea what happened.

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I had a similar problem earlier, however I got over pressured myself today so I’m assuming it’s just a bug going around for certain things

HEAT has been quite useless recently yes

HEAT(FS) is horrible since the update man. The amount of times I dealt literally 0 damage today which in turn got me killed was INSANE! I am talking about BK90 cannon on Ru251 and the 90mm on M47. I hit FOX and the jet just passed trough, I hit him again - engine fire and he just one taps me with its gun. This scenario with different tanks on repeat. Light tanks take 4 shots to destroy. Ammo hits on target only yellows the ammo. I thought HEAT was bad before the update, but now it´s even worse than APCR… APCR at least does something.

I hope they at least fix it before the sales, because aloooot of people gonna be pissed when they realize, they bought tanks with water guns for cannons.

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thats funny because today I also had 2 separate instances of shooting the fox with heat and it didnt overpressure it either did no damage or just passed through

Yeah I figured maybe I couldn’t overpressure the Ratel and BTR but the open topped L40/70 makes 0 sense.

the issue with fox is that people constantly hit the sight flap which acts like godly spaced armour or at bad angles which miss all components. its the IS2 turret cheeks of wheeled vehicles

HEAT should never of OP closed-up vehicles or tanks, and should only OP open top, HEAT is a shaped charge, not a HE round, the damage should olny damage crew if the shaped jet hits or is close to hitting them or if the bast is on a part of the armor next to the crew e.g, the rivers hatch or commanders hatch, was a bit of a joke when HEAT hit the back of the tank and would also kill the driver and gunner like 2m away

The are literally HEAT the HE part stand for high explosive they can and they should OP light tanks and and here some pictures of HEAT effects on tanks


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Dude you are literally agreeing with me, and saying I’m wrong hahah.

“the damage should only damage crew if the shaped jet hits or is close to hitting them or if the bast is on a part of the armor next to the crew”

the Photos your showing is exactly what I said

Your literally saying that the only damage that HEAT should do is throw only the shape charge and they shouldn’t have HE effects bc they don’t act like HE

Ooo wait never mind this was apposed to be blast and not bast

Correct this in both comments you ment to say blast and for the past 10 minutes i was reading it wrong XD

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What I’m talking about here is (refer to photos) This makes no sense,



The T-80 shell have 5kg of TNT so it make sense if it op but from that distance it’s actually questionable.

Yes for the rest of the pictures this is BS and flaw in Gaijin implementation, although hitting tanks from underneath with enough explosive power will more that likely kill everyone.

But here we are taking about light and open top tanks and Namer and Abrams are not light nor open top by any means this is entirely separate from what are we talking about here.

But still agree with you most of these hits shouldn’t op an MBT.

The only thing I’m really saying is if they OP MBT’s they sure as hell nuke a Light tank in the game hahah