HE/heat on open tops

this mec whit he/heat fired on open tops is it an abused mec befor it works you need to make so it needs to Hit at the Open top not just on the front or the tracks that is baby programs FIX or remove this mec

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Or you could learn how explosions work and that even a hit on the front of most open tops will kill the crew as long as the hit had enough explosive force.

this is from Any HE even kills you if it is from an AA

Tiny HEAT round overpressuring on only engine hit vs mbt

500g HE round overpressure on engine hit

HEAT round preforming some true gymnastics

My favorite: 30mm vs 280mm Chieftan turret triggering overpressure.

Overpressure is broken AF. Far worse than hull break ever was.

The middle two were fine, the first and last ones were a bit weird tho

Yea sure a Bug which is known and has been improved on for years is certainly such a good argument against you obviously not knowing what you are talking about

Oh finally a single instance which would maybe need work.

You do realise that HEAT explodes? And that the place hit would be deadly for anyone inside the tank if anything explodes there?

Also a known bug known as Overpressure stcking. Infact this works with any 100% HE belt on a fast enough firing tank or plane. They reduced its impact significantly, but it still happens. At a certain time any 37mm HEi round of any SPG in the game could apply Overpressure stacking.

And While stacking is an intended mechanic, it should not stack over time but rather multiple explosions happening in a very very short time frame (less than 1 or 2s at most) But the code sometimes stacks for more than 5s

No absolutely not.
A Mechanic which enabled any 122mm Tank to onehit kill any tank by purpousfully bouncing was not fine. Hullbreak was exploitable and unchangeable. Overpressure is bugged and has been improving over time. Sth Hullbreak never did.

First, hull break only applied to light vehicles. Yes, you could bounce a round and hull break a vehicle. Happened all the time IRL with weld breaking, which is what its DESIGNED to replicate. So you are complaining the mechanic was doing exactly what it was supposed to do.

IRL T-34 turret after a non-penetrating kinetic hit. Not a light tank, but this is what hull break was intending to replicate.

Sounds like you have to make a lot of ‘bug’ excuses for overpressure to be remotely reasonable. Sounds like a bad mechanic. Especially since these ‘bugs’ are still happening, so they either don’t care to fix them or they aren’t bugs but ‘features’ of the mechanic.

Lets assume that 1.1 KG HEAT round was pure HE. According to blast calculators, that give it a lethal blast radius of 2.3m, so at minimum the hull crew should be perfectly safe. Then lets factor in that the blast is on the external surface of the turret and not confined, so it has zero confining pressures. Then lets remember that this is a HEAT round and spends a large portion of its forward HE explosion to generate the copper stream. Sounds like another ‘bug’.

Yea sure buddy.
Not like this is utter bullcrap

Two is not a lot but ok buddy. It is literally 50% of your complaint making it fairly weak. And the other two are also 1 time perfectly fine and 1 time strange. Making only 25% of your examples relevant to what you are saying

Yea and does WT replicate poor armour quality? (which is the case for the apperance of that T 34, because proper armour would not break like that, only suppar armour with too much hardening would) No it does not every tank uses the same quality of armour.

You very obviously did not care to read what I wrote. I provided evidence that they are actively being fixed. Just because sth is not 100% working does not mean that it is not being worked on. The world hase more states than “works” and “works not”

Yea… because the hull of your tank is what? right 1.8m deep… and the force of an explosion increases inside of closes spaces… But sure buddy show more how you do not know what you are talking about.

The blast going inside the tank will be confined and amplified by that… A Blast and water have strange similarities… water cann freefall and then bounce back, but if it falls into a cube with a smale opening and bounces back against the upper wall of the remaning cube itv will form a whirpool with increased power… same for an explosion… Not as powerfull as a contained explosion, but still more than when it entered the confined space.

Most of the force escapes to the sides because otherwise it would destroy the chaped charge… hence why the burn marks of a HEAT shell impacting armour are round and if close to the ground much bigger and stronger then on the actual steel plate hit… The force propells the shell like a gun… where does the explosive force in a gun go? Right to the back and sides… the gun is a confined space designed to focus the blast to the front yet a very large amount is also send back… Thats why we have recoil mechanisms in every gun… to take the BLOWBACK and stop it.
Every explosion is equal in all directions. You can only direct the blast slightly by creating stops. In order to negate a blast to the back and side of an HEAT shell the shell would need to be made out of extreamly thick and durable materials on those sides… Making it extreamly heavy.

ofc not broken at all Remove this garbeg but wel say the heat round that kills the M10 by hitting at the Open part of the tank is better but rest cant be done

ah yes, ‘utter bull crap’ mechanic thats simulating actual mechanics that regularly happen on vehicles.

armor shattering also happens on vehicles hit by large kinetic rounds. Not unique to russia nor a specific type of manufacturing. Cast or welded, there are TONS of images of weld breaks and armor shattering.

17lber AP round vs panther.

You provided ZERO evidence of these mechanics being improved on. Try again.

Overpressure is designed to simulate penetrating rounds detonating internally and multiplying their force off confined surfaces. Rounds detonatig externally DO NOT have said multiplying force. Its the same as a bullet going off in a barrel vs out of a barrel. If its out of the barrel, the bullets don’t go anywhere because there is no multiplication of force. This external detonation is the bullet outside of said barrel.

So you are expecting said shockwave to hit the external turret, travel over the lip of the turret, into the turret, through the turret ring, into the hull, then all the way to the front of the hull and still have lethal force? If it detonated inside the turret, sure. But explosions don’t ‘snake’ their way through passages without losing most of their force. In this case, most of the HEAT force is generated in a straight line white the HE effects are largely going sideways (into the turret side) or backwards (away from the tank).

HEAT rounds already generate fragments like a HE round, but in lesser quantities. Note how said video shows them hitting the crew in the turret. Thats what the explosive force would do. There should be no overpressure effect on an external detonation like this.

10mm plate out side on the armor like som of the tanks have well stop 1 heat round but not in this game

Again your picture shows a famous picture of a late war german pantgher produced with inferiour armour known to crack… They even cracked against APDS rounds…

Yep already called it XD

You use images absolutely disproving your point because you do not know what you are talking about

well no matter what yoiu say this mec needd to be FIXET or removed