Having trouble logging in on War Thunder from pc on a PSN account

Every time i try to log into war thunder, it will always bring me to the gaijin store or the log in menu depending if i use a external browser or not. My account has not been transferred yet so i know it can’t be that. It also says that my PSN account has “not been confirmed” even tho I remember confirming it ages ago. I’ve tried to re-confirm it but all of my security settings have also been disabled. I’m trying to log in on the actual PS4 to see if my account is even still intact.

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Well… it’s the 4th post about this…

Servers are under maintenance 👍

I already updated my game, and its still not letting me log in.

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Afaik, servers are still under maintenance, just need to wait…

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I’m just a little confused after other people being able to play the update. I’m also able to log on the Ps4.


Yes I saw them, unfortunately I’m not able to test if I can actually login with my PSN account and provide a feedback…

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This has been an issue for console accounts logging in through PC with the web login. Horrible that this bug happened right before a major update and didnt get fixed. I made purchases that I cannot access now, and I have missed a day worth of my premium time.

I also cant believe that Gaijin has not chimed in on it. I submitted a ticket and nothing yet. A few have tried to do bug reports but those keep getting closed as “support”.

This is unacceptable


i have this same problem for 2 days now


I have the same problem since March 12, I can’t log in to my computer from my PSN account, I wrote a report which, without a specific answer, was considered solved

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im have the same issue help

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i haven’t been able to login since yesterday on pc but i can still login on my xbox.

yeah, i have no idea what to do

Any luck from anybody yet?

I will try to write to support again

I’m having the same issue. I though it was just me… but i’m glad i’m not the only one experiencing this issue. Really hoping we hear something from the devs. Some of us don’t have a Playstation anymore but have PCs now. And that is our only way of logging in.

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we have to report this problem to support en masse because gaijin is ignoring us

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I also wrote to the support and I didn’t get any sensible answer, they only marked my report as ‘solved’

Well thats super problematic

I had the same problem before the update came at 8 am gmt ,and before i could update the game this morning , but for some reason it doesnt let me log into playstation. com either, also going back to login screen

Once I log in using proper psn credentials on pc it just goes back to the normal login screen.
but I can log onto website in external browser and it logs into account on it but it shows this:

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