Haven't had this happen in 2600 hours played (Random Reward)


To be clear the thing that never happened until now is getting a talisman out of a battle trophy that wasn’t rank 1 or 2.

This was a nice surprise. It’s even for an IFV that I like and the IFV is rank 7 so it will help me unlock the rest of the tree extremely fast. Anybody else lucky recently and want to share?


Shows how tight fisted Gaijin are

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Nice! I got two free Talismans but… it was the 1.3 and 1.7 T-28 -_-

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T-28 (1938),
It’s a good vehicle? Yes,
I’ll grind something with it? No,
I’m happy with this? No,

I got this Talisman when I was around 6.0 on USSR tech tree, useless reward.

VCC 80/60 > 80/30, change my mind.

I once got one for the G.55 shortly after the italian planes were added. Grinded almost all of the italian air tree at that point with it. Made me very happy.

Imagine of they gave a talisman that you could choose what vehicle it went on…

Ive not had a Talisman gifted (won) to me in a long time :(

Soon they will notice the mistake and replace it with a sale coupon :p

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I dont know if im just really lucky but ive gotten quite a few Talismans in the two years ive had this account, last count i think i had something like 8 or 9 thst i didnt buy, including one on the Sea Harrier FRS.1(e) which removed my need to buy a high rank premium (yippee)

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Highest tali i got randomly was P-51H,otherwise most i get is for rank 1 or 2. Recently i got tali for first Turan. After like two years of not getting any.

The highest vehicle talisman I obtained was for the Sagittario II, which I won when it was unusable with repair costs of 56 Klion per death. Obviously, without the AP (which only lasted two weeks), I always considered it more of a joke than a prize. (I mainly play GBR because I really don’t like ARB).
Lucky you, The Dardo with the 30 mm is underrated, but it’s actually an excellent light tank. have fun

I had received a talisman for MiG-19PT a few days after unlocking it, so that was quite a pleasant surprise

Got a free talisman some weeks ago…

…For the American Chaparral

I don’t know how to feel honestly

Honestly I received many talismans but all of Rank I-II-III and IV, the highest BR talisman I received on the Panther G.


Seems like the snail is pretty generous right now


I got one for the Ki-84 hei like a week ago. Only got one or two other talismans over the corse of the last few years.
Good plane (a bit overtiered imo, since its the same as the ko flightmodel) and just right as I was grinding Japan at rank 4 and 5.

Last time I recieved a free talisman was back in 2019 and it was for a Panzer 3.

There is no pattern, i don’t know how it triggers, i’ve spent a small fortune and that didn’t help.

might have to sacrifice some goats next…lol