Have Italian BRs gone too far up?

I don’t understand how gaijin is even planning the BR changes for Italy, most of the planned changes make 0 sense to me and dont even seem fair. The whole ariete line is a prime example of this, the amv at 11.7? Hilarious. I get it has a high penetrating shell, but the tank itself does not belong at such a high br, it cant even compete with the other tanks. This goes for the PSO and c1 too. In addition to this, the other tanks of the italian tree have all seen major increases in the past few months. The of 40 series tanks up to 9.0 from 8.3? seems fair. The centauro 105 to 9.3 from 8.7, i mean 9.0 made sense, but really? 9.3 is kinda a push is it not? Need I comment on the anti air situation? these are just the tanks too, the airplane lineup could be better, but isnt awful exactly… The starfighters can def be moved down a little, since theres no chance of survival at the current top tier. Lets not forget the G91YS which somehow is still at its current BR despite being inferior to literally everything at the br.

These are just my opinions from an average player. I feel as though the tree can use some rework in terms of placement and brs. Also… did we really need to add more copy paste soviet tanks to the tree? I doubt any player’s gonna want to grind our soviete AAs just to unlock another sub par top tier AA. Do you guys feel the same way or is it just me?

At least Italy has copy-paste Russian/German vehicles. Other minor nations are stuck with their own native tanks that are also over-BR’d.

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