Have Gaijin raised the SP for CAS in GRB Recently?

Just as the title says really a simple question.

Have the Devs raised the SP for CAS in GRB over the last week or so?
4 kills and could not get the PE8 with the Big Bomb at 4.3 BR which is normally available after about two. Feels like something has changed.

No announcement made to my knowledge, so I am asking if anybody knows.

Many thanks

I don’t think so, but I haven’t been playing aircraft out in tanks much. Perhaps it was because you were in a full downtier and the cost was just higher than you are used to seeing?

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That sounds like a very plausible explanation thank you.

I had no issues last game.
I guess I have an in-built paranoia about War Thunder these days

Thanks for taking the time to answer. I obviously need to study this a bit more.

Haven’t seen any change, but I know a lot of people are happy about it being more expensive. I personally don’t care if it did or not

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I can accept change, but I get pissed off with Gaijin’s constant fiddling with things. If the Devs believe the game is so poor, it needs constant upgrading then why not give us all a refund on what we spent? Is the game that substandard currently?

Anyway as the first answer said, Its possibly me not he game.

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