Have gaijin just forgotten about Mac users? The game is STILL unplayable

I don’t understand how gaijin are can make the time to fix stuff like “A bug that caused a boat’s foam and wake trail to become more distinct after firing the guns has been fixed” or “A bug where leaving a fighter during an air event in Ground Arcade Battles caused ground vehicle markers to appear to a spectating player has been fixed” but they do nothing about bugs that cause the game to be completely unplayable. It feels like I’ve been reporting the same bug for the last few years and I’m finding it hard to believe that gaijin are actually fixing them since the same bug always comes back a few updates after it goes. I’m hoping there’s some simple explanation but for now I just can’t comprehend how or why the devs can see a game breaking bug introduced and just leave it for months at a time until it just gets fixed naturally with no dev blog, only for the same thing to be reintroduced a few updates later. It just feels like they can’t be bothered. It’s been like this at least since the Ground Breaking major update.
Anyone else?