Hatch open/ hatch closed function for Sim please

the real tank feeling is missing.
That’s how it should be in sim mode:

Hatch closed - the commander sits in the tank, looks inside his small window and is protected.
(I have combined Iron Front and War Thunder in this picture).

when changing the commander view. 2 seconds of hatch sound while the head changes the view.

Hatch open - the commander sits on top and has a better view, he can use his binoculars, but is vulnerable to shrapnel and machine guns.

…and the Gunner view, of course.

Note: Graphically display the Commander with the hatch open!


Would be cool to see especially since some tank (which used the same model) in Enlisted alr have this feature, but they probly won’t do it seeing that most plane have yet gotten an openable cockpit lol.


The problem is that to be fair, all vehicles would need to be reworked with this, and some, esp. those that operate MGs would need extensive rigging and animation work.
That would take a lot of time and cost for a game mode that isn’t very popular.
But I’m sure Gaijin is working on it. lol.

ah ok I’ve never played Enlisted

Flak trucks and other vehicles that are not tanks would of course remain as they are for the time being.

the sim community wants to grow. for example, sim players are constantly making suggestions in the sim forum area to improve sim. for us sim players, the sim mode is the best thing WT has to offer. without sim, we wouldn’t play WT.

Probably won’t improve sim by adding complication and making the mode even harder. Making the TC being snipe-able will do that.
They would probably extend this “enhancement” to all modes anyway. Which would be a “gud thing” (if you like your TC dying a lot).

So like Gaijins enlisted yeah I’m down.

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+1. Justice for M18 commander

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RB would certainly be better without the stupid third person perspective. I don’t understand why that of all things is so successful. the third person perspective doesn’t feel like Panzer at all. you just see too much.

as far as I know, only AB was originally supposed to have the third person perspective. RB the current perspective from Sim. and Sim a real Sim perspective.
but it was 9 years ago when I read that. i’m not quite sure anymore.

in Arma 3 Spearhead, the M18 commander can crawl all the way into the M18, but then he can’t see anything.

Of course it would. People that play simulators want a simulation. Make it as hard as the real thing is the only right answer for them.

If it is the same as SB the players might as well just play RB.


WT Sim players ARE a special kind of masochist…

Sort of.

We are more interested in experience the vehicles as close to the real thing as possible for immersion.

Sadly with tanks that is Impossible at the moment.

Nonsense. Go sit in an old refrigerator with a bucket of old oil and gas on a hot summer day for many, many hours. Then have someone roll you down a hill.
Perfect tanker experience.

This could be really cool, or really annoying, but J think this change would be a cool one, and one for the better.

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Holy strawman, batman!

There are people that enjoy the immersion.

-Euro Truck Simulator
-Farming Simulator
-every.flight sim ever

The tanks are more arcade in terms o operation than in ArmA but those have their fans as well.

If you want a tank shooter just play AB or RB, it’s not like those will cease to exist andnRB offers the same gameplay as current SB.

It works for Air why shouldn’t it work for ground?

Why do you even care? You don’t even play current SB.
They won’t force it in RB, since they don’t force first person view for planes there either.

I didn’t think that would have required a …

Every time I try to play a SB I have over a 6 minute wait and never end up playing it so I can’t say for sure if it’s good but enlisted as I stated has that feature and if Gajin did it for that game why not WT?

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I only wait a few seconds and it starts. it depends on the BR.