Has the R60/R60M been buffed?

Hey there! I was wondering if the R60 (In particular the M variant) received a flare resistance buff recently, I’ve been having trouble flaring them off, even from an all aspect launch. If anyone can help me I appreciate it.


As a person on both ends i have not felt anything like that. The all aspect still gets flared normaly, and they still go for the plane through flares in the rear aspect if the plane does not drop reheat.

Don’t think so, my R-60Ms usually go for the first flare they see.

That’s what i thought, but yesterday I was really struggling to flare them off

It is the worst all aspect missile in the game, literally worse in almost every single way compared to all other all aspect missiles. It is still trash, as it always has been.

You might wanna turn your AB off, or try to not let the enemy fire from very close range. This is imo the only 2 possible explanations.

No changes but they are funny in a head on if they ain’t pre flaring