Has it become a lot easier to play for you too?

Since this update I have been able to spot people far too easy, and for context I play on the worst pc in the world. GTX 770 graphics card, my game freezes almost everytime I meet another player “Enemy” that’s beside the fact really. But its partly reason to my bad scores, but overall I feel like I get more kills now, I spot the enemy faster, the movement of vehicles are better.

I’m unsure what I am even talking about. However the insane survivability of leopard tanks and the inconsistent RNG when hitting tanks in vurlnable spots are still ever present.

If you haven’t tried it, use the nVidia Experience to tune the settings of the game to your card, and slide it up a bit to performance.

Whilst there will be people who say it’s bad (Experience) and not worth the effort, that app from nvidia does a lot.

Its been always easy to play for me because I dont care.