Has anything changed with SPAA target tracking?

For the past few days (since the last little update), I haven’t been able to hit a single airplane (not even kill, just hit) with any gun-based SPAA. You lock on to the target, even if you have the crosshairs right in the middle of the lead indicator, I can’t seem to hit anything. Not even planes diving straight at me, I can empty an entire belt of ammo and not get a single hit.

I realise the lead indicator isn’t the end-all of targeting and you need to adjust for flight path, but I can see my bullets on the correct path to hit the plane but… they don’t. It’s like they just pass through. So either SPAA target tracking has been borked (again), or something else is going on.

Can it be attributed to skill issue? Maybe, but it’s kind of strange that I’m not getting a single hit. I’ve gone through at least 10 belts of ammo now over various games, not a single “Hit”. I may not be a great player, but I’m kind of sure my skill level hasn’t fallen off a cliff inside of 24 hours.

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Have you checked any replays to see where your bullets are actually going?

I don’t use radar when shooting - I have very bad Internet and the target “jumps” due to a “sagging” connection. I don’t think that the author of the topic has bad Internet, but still…
Tomorrow I’ll try to go into the game and check if there really is some kind of error in the new update.

The lead indicator isn’t that reliable. Helps to give an idea where to aim, but after that I turn it off and aim it myself afterwards. Does help vs Helis though, but i spray it around the circle like a shotgun would for at least one or a few of bullets hit the heli as it maneuvers rather than shooting at 1 direction at a straight line.

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I’ve actually noticed the opposite at top tier, Pantsir missiles used to be dodge-able by flying perpendicular to the launcher at >1mach… doesn’t seem to work as well anymore